Does The Dark Knight Shooting Make A Case For Gun Control?

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Does The Dark Knight Shooting Make A Case For Gun Control?

Friday’s shooting in Aurora, Colorado, is, without a doubt, one of the most heinous acts of violence ever perpetrated by an American citizen. Families all across America are grieving the loss of loved ones as the full effect of one man’s actions are felt by an entire nation. Fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons have all been affected by this horrible crime, and the heart of a nation goes out to those who are grieving their losses.

This crime has brought up a question which we have seen several times over the last 2 decades. Each time a crime of this proportion happens, we hear renewed cries for stricter gun laws. Politicians, lobbyists, news media outlets, all of them proclaiming the need for laws which make it harder to purchase weapons in America. However, the question I pose to you, the citizens of America is this: When have gun control laws ever made it harder for a criminal to purchase a weapon off the street?

The average criminal in America does not go to Dick’s Sporting Goods, or Academy, to purchase his weapon. It’s almost never a handgun, ordered through Cabelas, that is used in a robbery or murder. So, if the gun control laws are made even more strict than they are now, how does that really help America out, or make us any safer? The truth is, it does not.

When the laws for purchasing a weapon are made more stringent, the only people it will affect, are those who obey the law. This means, that while criminals will continue to be able to purchase guns on the street from other criminals, you and I will have to wait for a certain amount of time, in order to purchase a weapon to protect ourselves with. While I do agree that persons wishing to purchase a handgun should go through a background check, and also have to take safety classes, I do not agree with continually updating this policy and making it harder for the American citizens to defend themselves.

I live in Texas, where carrying a gun is not only common, but is in some cases, recommended. Many of the local citizens of my home town carry a handgun for protection. Knowing that my neighbor has a weapon, not only gives me peace of mind that should something bad happen, I have friends who are prepared to help stop a situation, like the one in Colorado, but also, it deters criminal activity in the first place. If it’s common knowledge to a criminal that a particular home is protected by a gun, that criminal will think twice, before venturing into that home to steal.

Gun control laws are supposed to help protect us, but I am afraid that they have instead, become just another arm of a liberal, left-wing government which seeks to limit the citizen’s rights. I for one, will not support, or vote for any politician, who supports making it harder for me to defend myself. I carry a gun, and while I have never had to use it, should the moment arise, I will exercise my rights to protect myself. Think about it, if it were you in that theater on Friday, wouldn’t you have wished that one of your neighbors had a weapon to stop the man from killing innocent people?

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