How to Disable WiFi Tracking On Android

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Privacy these days has become a joke. Everyone wants to track you and then use that information to serve you with ads, and other annoying things. We’re all familiar with how advertisers use our browsing history to track us, and then serve ads, special offers and more, but now even retail stores are tracking you, all thanks to the WiFi.

What is WiFi tracking?

Some of you might question how can retailers track you using your Android smartphone. Many times when we step out, we forget to switch off the WiFi. Retail stores can track your location if you have WiFi switched on, and this raises a question on our privacy. Basically, WiFi transmits a unique information known as MAC address, which allows retailers and advertisers to track your physical movements.

To fix this issue, you can simply turn off WiFi whenever you leave the house, but for those who forget to do this every time, here’s an easier solution called AVG PrivacyFix.

App to disable WiFi tracking

AVG PrivacyFix is an Android app that as the name suggests, focuses on protecting your privacy. It allows you to manage your privacy settings for Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. Just a click will take you directly to where you can change your settings.

What’s new is that the app now also offers WiFi tracking protection, which stops your phone being tracked by other WiFi networks. The new WiFI DNT (Do Not Track) feature enables you to have your phone’s Wi-Fi automatically disabled when you’re out, only reconnecting when you’re in a trusted WiFi location, such as your home, office or regular coffee shop. The app prevents your device from sending MAC address to unknown WiFi networks, so that retailers, advertisers and marketers cannot track your physical location.

Install AVG PrivacyFix from Google Play (free app).

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