Dennis Rodman “Huge” Announcement: The Name Of Kim’s Child

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Dennis Rodman, who wormed his way into the good graces of Kim Jung-un earlier this year has just returned back from a second visit to Pyongyang and, apparently, the seaside.

Dennis Rodman "Huge" Announcement: The Name Of Kim's Child

It may just be me, but for some reason I just can’t help but envision Kim Jung-un in his iconic tunic, albeit a tunic with short pants, as well as socks and sandals. For some equally unknown reason, I see the two laid out in beach chairs sippin’ on “Hennessy (his late father’s favorite beverage) and Juice” With their minds on their nukes and nukes on their minds.

Dennis Rodman announces the name of Kim’s child

Perhaps inadvertently, Rodman let it slip to the press what few outside of North Korea knew: the name of Kim’s child.

“The Marshal Kim and I had a relaxing time by the sea with his family,” Rodman said of his recent visit to the world’s most isolated country. “We shared many meals and drinks where we discussed our plans to play a historic friendship basketball game between North Korea and the U.S. as well as ways to develop their basketball team.”

“I held their baby Ju-ae and spoke with Ms Ri [Sol-Ju, Kim’s wife] as well. He’s a good dad and has a beautiful family. Kim told me, ‘I’ll see you in December.'”

Now, I’m not sure how leaving a large portion of your country starving and malnourished qualifies you as as a “good dad,” but trying to understand Rodman is as futile as trying to understand how a number of people once thought that Liberace was straight.

Rodman to take coaching duties

In addition to this nonsense, and my poisonous imagination, it’s being rumored that Rodman will take over the coaching duties of the North Korean Olympic Team (basketball).

We can’t help but think that it’s more likely that today’s announcement  for Paddy Power will involve basketball rather than the lifting of sanctions against the monarchy/dictatorship.

I think Obama’s plate, though he does love basketball, is a bit full trying to convince Congress of the need to bomb Syria in the coming days.

For those who insist on being kept abreast of Rodman’s every thought and move, I’m sure that’s what the co-founders of Twitter had in mind when they released it to the public.

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