Dead Body Found At Apple Inc. Headquarters

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While Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s stock took a pounding overnight and today’s trading hasn’t been much kinder, the company now has to deal with  law enforcement personnel treating its campus as a crime scene.

Law enforcement personnel at Apple HQ

Local news channel KTVU is presently reporting that law enforcement is on the scene of its Cupertino, California following the discovery of a body in one of the building’s conference rooms.

While the stock drop has cost Apple’s market capitalization over $40 billion the likely suicide death discovered isn’t related. We don’t make light of suicide and a decision to end your own life is nothing  that should be made light of on any occasion. Quite simply, no one owns enough Apple stock that a precipitous loss in stock value overnight could prompt a decision to say enough is enough.

Own enough and you’re still rich, this is more likely the result of a deeply troubled person coincidentally, and sadly, taking their life in the place they have spent most of their professional life.

Maureen Naylor of KTVU tweeted at 9:10 AM PST that a source indicated law-enforcement was investigating after the person was found.

Apple is presently trading at $97.67 down $6.68 or 6.8% on the day.

We will be providing updates as more details of this unfortunate incident become available.

At the risk of giving far too much to credence to TMZ, its reporting of the event while begging more questions that providing answers read:

According to the sheriff’s dispatch call there was a female employee involved in an argument on the campus — and she was being escorted out by security when she sustained a head wound … possibly from a gunshot.

As deputies were responded, they were unclear if there were multiple people involved. One portion of the dispatch exchange describes a body being found in a conference room, and that person had a gun.

Not surprisingly, TMZ seems to be alone on this one with the consensus of local reporters simply saying a body was discovered in a conference room in the early hours of Wednesday at the Infinite Loop headquarters of Apple.

While early reports were conflicting with reports of a woman with a head wound being assisted by security and a dead Hispanic man in a conference room, it appears that this was a simple matter of a workplace suicide.

Seargent Andrea Urena of Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office described the death as an “isolated incident,” adding “nobody else on campus or in the public is at risk.”


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