3 data management improvement tips to help your business

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Day by day, every business gets bombarded with an enormous quantity of data that needs to be stored, sorted out and accessible, for those moments when reports need to be drawn out right away. Spreadsheets, project management and sales reports, and all other documents that are vital for understanding your company’s development, need to be ready for those final-year reports.

If you don’t have a clear way to organize all this information, you and your team will have to work ten times harder every time you need to get your hands on those important insights. But with loads of data coming your way daily, how can ensure you avoid duplicates, maximize efficiency and don’t miss out on any important audits?

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Perform regular backups

Imagine this: it’s the end of the year and you want to see the final sales reports to start setting out goals for the year to come. Unfortunately, nobody in your team can seem to find those results from February, because somehow, the spreadsheet got lost when a hard drive malfunctioned. Sure, there are other ways to find those numbers, but it takes extra time and effort. If you ensure regular backups are part of your data management process, such a scenario is never going to happen.

The more frequent you back up your data, the more unlikely it is for important documents to get lost somewhere on an old, destroyed computer somewhere in the basement.

While backup can be done on an internal server, I recommend investing in could computing services, for better and more secure outcomes. Cloud integration requires a bit of effort but is a much better solution for making sure you don’t lose any important files along the way.

Integrating Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is slowly, but steadily, becoming an important part of our day to day lives. Some of the most important activities that involve computers, from searching for something online to ordering an Uber and watching Netflix, are possible because of AI integration. But the number one thing that AI does best is help streamline business processes, to remove most, if not all, of these tedious everyday tasks.

AI and data management go hand in hand, as it can help sort out, connect and analyze all information that is being fed to it. This requires artificial intelligence mapping, which collects data you have available and creates a map to teach AI how to, alone, do this in the future. Not only does this result in faster time-to-market results, but it also proves to generate impressive ROI.

Consider a data management team

Data management is not easy and does require some professional help to ensure the best outcomes. Consider building an on-site team that focuses solely on managing these tasks, as too many people sorting out and managing data can turn out to make the process more complicated than it already is. Another way to deal with this is to consider appointing a data management company that provides custom-made solutions for every type of business.

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