Saurik Releases Public Version Of Cydia 1.1.28; Enables Tweak Purchases

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The jailbreak community is in for a treat. After more than a month of beta testing, Saurik aka Jay Freeman has released the public version of Cydia 1.1.28 for jailbroken iPhones, iPads, and the iPod Touch. The final version is fully compatible with the iOS 10-10.2 Yalu102 jailbreak. It also finally brings support for 64-bit devices. Though 64-bit support offers little support to the tool, it removes the misleading 32-bit warning dialog box from Apple.

Cydia 1.1.28 gains stability

Cydia now uses APT 1.14~b, which Saurik described as a “major update to the core package management.” APT 1.14~b is an industry standard, and is shared with Linux distributions like Ubuntu and Debian. There was an issue in the beta versions of 1.1.28 where removing a repository would cause Cydia not to provide an interface to return to the previous screen. It has also been fixed.

Other fixes include Find Extensions for Applications. Since the latest Yalu jailbreak ships with SSH, Saurik was able to fix many long-standing “right after jailbreak” bugs. It means Cydia 1.1.28 is now far less like to fail immediately after installation. But the biggest highlight of the public version is that Saurik has enabled tweak purchases for the iOS 10-10.2 jailbreak.

Tweak purchases have been enabled

If you have an iPhone or iPad running the jailbroken iOS 10-10.2, you can now buy paid tweaks and packages from the Cydia store. The beta version of Yalu102 jailbreak for iOS 10.2 was released more than a week ago. But until now users were unable to buy from the store. Saurik traditionally disables purchases on new firmware until the jailbreak and Cydia attain certain stability.

It helps Saurik avoid the bombardment of complaints, refund requests, and other issues. Recent beta releases of Luca Todesco’s Yalu102 have brought stability to the jailbreak tool. Since the tweak purchases have been enabled, users will no longer have to rely on workarounds like buying packages on other devices or tampering with system files to get their favorite tweaks.

How to get the latest version of Cydia

Enabling purchases does not mean all packages would become available for purchase instantly. Tweak developers have to ensure that their tweaks are compatible with iOS 10. If your jailbroken device runs iOS 9 or older, you are already eligible to make purchases. But your device will also get the latest Cydia update.

To get the final version of the tool, launch Cydia and tap on Changes icon at the bottom bar, then tap on Refresh and wait for the packages to reload. Now you’ll get an Essential Upgrade prompt. Just tap on Complete Upgrade to move to the latest version.

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