Top 5 Customer Service Challenges Of Today [Infographic]

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Businesses, no matter what industry they may be in, all have to deal with customer service. For many owners, it’s a simple matter of answering queries in a timely fashion and with the right attitude. But it is imperative that businesses understand that the  customer experience is vital for your business and that the landscape is now more complex than it has ever been. This has been brought upon by advancements being accelerated by different developments and trends in the technology we use today, as well as the changing market preferences.

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Nowadays, customers are no longer satisfied with the status quo of customer experience from years ago. They now demand that their products and services be delivered much faster and with better care, and then still expect something special each time they do business with the brand. Be it loyalty promos or some other offer that would make them want to come back for more, it’s no secret now that customers expect more and more from businesses in exchange for their attention and purchase.

And businesses are compelled to deliver – because after all, achieving customer delight is widely known to yield maximum returns to a company. A happy customer means they would be more than likely to come back and may even recommend more people to join them in patronizing the brand. However, a dissatisfied customer is a PR disaster waiting to happen – they may not only leave their transaction with a business, but they can also spread negative word of mouth to other potential customers. This can result in potential failure of your business.

This is an even more daunting scenario when you take into consideration the fact that the digital age and the rise of social media has made it possible for news and other pieces of information to be disseminated at break-neck speeds. A particularly bad review, especially when accompanied with pictures and videos for proof, can spread quickly and can make for a hard thing to resolve.

Despite the digital transformation taking over in the customer service sector, providing a great customer experience remains as the top focus for businesses in any industry.

Here are the key customer experience challenges of today and how you can solve them to provide an awesome customer experience today:

  1. Personalization of the Customer Journey
  2. Having a Holistic View of the Customer
  3. Ensuring Operational Efficiency
  4. Leveraging Different Customer Touchpoints
  5. Engaging a Disappointed Customer

Learn more about these challenges and how you can solve them with this infographic by Sparkle Training AU.

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