What is Trump Coin and How to Buy MAGA in 2024

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Need a break from traditional coins? Dive into the world of meme coins with MAGA Crypto (Trump coin), a digital currency that combines economic freedom ideals with the playful spirit of the meme market.

Unlike established cryptocurrencies, MAGA (TRUMP) offers a unique blend of ideology and community-driven fun.

Following our guide on buying MAGA crypto on MEXC, you’ll be equipped to invest in this innovative asset and become part of a passionate online movement.

If you prefer, you can skip ahead and skip to the buying guide here.

MAGA crypto, MAGA token, how to buy MAGA, what is MAGA | TRUMP memecoin illustration
TRUMP memecoin illustration | Source

What is Trump coin (MAGA), and why is it popular?

TRUMP (MAGA) is a cryptocurrency inspired by Donald Trump’s famous slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

Launched on August 11, 2023, MAGA Coin aims to “Make Crypto Great Again” by leveraging Trump’s slogan, although it has no official ties to the former president.

MAGA crypto experienced a remarkable surge in value, skyrocketing by over 62,000%, peaking at $10.65 on March 4, 2024.

Currently, it trades at $6.25, boasting a 24-hour trading volume of $10 million and a market cap exceeding $260 million.

Why is it popular?

  • Commitment to mission and brand promotion

MAGA ($TRUMP) stands out by allocating 10% of its total supply to Trump-related projects and donations to MAGA-friendly political candidates. It emphasizes charitable endeavors, supporting causes aligned with the MAGA movement. This commitment to promoting its mission and brand further enhances its popularity among supporters.

MAGA crypto, MAGA token, how to buy MAGA, what is MAGA | MAGA (TRUMP) Donations Tracker
MAGA (TRUMP) Donations Tracker | Source
  • Association with Donald Trump

The popularity of the MAGA token stems from its connection to Donald Trump and his “Make America Great Again” campaign.Supporters view it as a symbol of their allegiance to Trump’s political ideology and policies. Additionally, it functions as a collectible item for enthusiasts commemorating Trump’s presidency.

Trump coin and its correlation to the upcoming US presidential elections

The correlation between the TRUMP coin and the US presidential elections in 2024 is straightforward: it’s a speculative token influenced by political sentiment and perceived outcomes.

During elections, the token’s value may fluctuate based on public perception of Donald Trump’s chances of winning. For instance, investors anticipate surges in the token’s price with Trump leading in the polls.

MAGA crypto, MAGA token, how to buy MAGA, what is MAGA | National 2024 Republican primary average
National 2024 Republican primary average | Source

However, post-election, the token’s value will likely be heavily influenced by actual election results and subsequent policies. If Trump wins, the token may see a sustained increase in value due to perceived favorable policies.

Conversely, if he loses, the token’s value could plummet as confidence wanes. Ultimately, the token’s value hinges on broader market sentiment and the political landscape, making it inherently volatile and speculative.

MAGA crypto (TRUMP)’s tech info

Market Capitalization (Apr, 2023)Over 260M

What is affecting the Trump coin?

These factors affect the price of the MAGA crypto, whether directly or indirectly.

1. Adoption and use cases

The price of TRUMP can be affected by its adoption and the emergence of practical use cases. Increased adoption for transactions, donations, or as a means of expressing political support can drive up demand and consequently raise prices.

2. Macroeconomic factors

External economic factors can influence the price of the Trump coin. Economic uncertainty or instability may drive investors towards cryptocurrencies as alternative investments, impacting MAGA’s price accordingly.

3. Market sentiment

Prices are heavily influenced by investor sentiment, reflecting perceptions of its value. Positive sentiment, driven by endorsements or political developments, can increase demand and raise prices. Conversely, negative sentiment, like inflation and geopolitical events, can lead to price declines.

MAGA crypto, MAGA token, how to buy MAGA, what is MAGA | MAGA (TRUMP) 1yr price-chart
MAGA (TRUMP) 1yr price-chart | Source

4. Competition from other cryptocurrencies

Trump coin’s price can be affected by competition from other cryptocurrencies offering similar features or targeting the same niche market. Intense competition may lead to price wars or shifts in investor preferences, influencing MAGA crypto and its price dynamics.

Other sectors such as Web 3, DeFi, and recently AI coins are also drawing attention.

5. Regulatory developments

Government policies regarding cryptocurrencies significantly impact TRUMP’s price. News of regulatory crackdowns or proposed legislation can cause uncertainty and sell-offs, driving prices down. Conversely, regulatory clarity attracts investor confidence, leading to price increases.

How to buy MAGA crypto (TRUMP)

These next steps explain how to buy MAGA coin, the token of the MAGA movement, on the MEXC cryptocurrency exchange.

Step 1: Sign up for an account on MEXC

  1. Head to MEXC’s website: Visit www.mexc.com and look for the “Sign Up” button in the top right corner.
  2. Create your secure login: Enter your email address, choose a strong password, and verify your account with the code sent to your email.

You’re in: Once you agree to the Terms of Service and click “Sign Up,” you’ll be ready to explore MEXC’s features and start buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

MAGA crypto, MAGA token, how to buy MAGA, what is MAGA | Register on MEXC
Register on MEXC

Step 2: Transfer funds to your MEXC account

  • Once registered on MEXC, log in and head to your “Wallets” section (top menu). Select “Deposit.”
  • Choose your deposit method (crypto or fiat) and click on the specific currency (e.g., Bitcoin).
  • Follow the prompts (or scan the QR code) to generate a deposit address.
  • From your external wallet (like MetaMask) or exchange, transfer your desired amount to the provided MEXC address.

MEXC advises using a stablecoin like USDT for smoother transactions when purchasing MAGA (TRUMP) on spot markets.

MAGA crypto, MAGA token, how to buy MAGA, what is MAGA | Fund MEXC account
Fund MEXC account

Step 3: Find the MAGA trading pair

  • After your MEXC account reflects your deposit, navigate to the top menu and select the “Market” tab.
  • Locate the MAGA trading pair by entering “MAGA” in the search bar.
  • To access the trading page, simply click on the MAGA/USDT trading pair.
MAGA crypto, MAGA token, how to buy MAGA, what is MAGA | MEXC markets page
MEXC markets

Step 4: Buy MAGA crypto

  1. Pick order type: You’ll see different options for placing your order, like “Market,” “Limit,” and “Stop-Limit.” We recommend “Market” for beginners – it buys MAGA at the current market price.
  2. Enter Amount: Enter how much MAGA crypto you want to buy or how much USDT you want to spend. You can also use a percentage of your available funds. Double-check to make sure everything looks right before you confirm.
MAGA crypto, MAGA token, how to buy MAGA, what is MAGA | Trade TRUMP/USDT on MEXC
  • Buy MAGA: Place your order by clicking the “Buy MAGA” button.

Step 5: Tracking your order (or withdrawing MAGA)

  • Once your purchase is complete, your MAGA balance will be updated.

To move your MAGA to another wallet, go to “Wallets,” select “Withdraw,” and follow the steps to enter the withdrawal address and amount.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully bought MAGA on MEXC! This guide is always available for reference if you need a refresher.

You can track your order’s status under “Open Orders” or “Order History” on the trading page.

MAGA crypto, MAGA token, how to buy MAGA, what is MAGA | TRUMP live chart
TRUMP live chart | Source


Does Donald Trump own the MAGA crypto project?

No. Donald Trump does not own MAGA. MAGA is a cryptocurrency token inspired by Trump’s “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) campaign, but it is not directly affiliated with former US president Donald Trump.

Is the Trump coin good to buy?

It depends. Seasoned investors may find TRUMP, or the MAGA token, a compelling investment opportunity as it offers potential for growth and diversification within one’s portfolio. Conducting thorough research and considering individual risk tolerance can help investors make informed decisions.

Will the US elections affect the Trump coin?

Maybe. The outcome of US elections can influence market sentiment and potentially impact the value of the Trump coin.

However, the extent of this influence depends on various factors, including political developments, economic policies, and broader market trends. Investors should stay informed and adapt their strategies accordingly.

Is MEXC a safe crypto exchange?

Yes. MEXC is widely regarded as a secure and reliable cryptocurrency exchange within the crypto community. With robust security measures and a user-friendly interface, MEXC provides traders with a seamless trading experience.

Using MEXC for cryptocurrency trading is a confident choice for investors who adhere to best practices and prefer to exercise cautionary trading.