How do crypto trading bots like Cryptogenisus work?

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Crypto trading bots are an interesting idea for those who are enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies but wary about the extreme volatility in the market. They are designed to capture all the upside in cryptocurrencies while dodging as much of the downside as possible. One popular crypto trading bot is The Crypto Genius, which is found at

How do crypto trading bots work?

Crypto trading bots are merely software that automatically buys and sells cryptocurrencies without any human input. The point is to buy when the price declines and sell when the price goes up. This captures the upside while avoiding the downside. It can be quite tempting to use a crypto trading bot because the trades happen automatically without a human having to tell the software when to buy or sell.

Not every bot is profitable, and those that are may not offer strong risk-adjusted returns. That just means that the profits captured are higher than any negative returns recorded if the position had been held for the entire time instead of trading in and out of it. Some traders may not mind that crypto trading bots don’t offer good risk-adjusted returns because their overall return is far higher than it would have been if they had simply bought and held the position.

What about Cryptogenisus?

Cryptogenisus is a popular crypto trading bot that offers trading around the clock and real-time practical analysis. The bot supports bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and some other cryptocurrencies. Traders simply have to set their trading tactics according to their own preferences, and the trading bot will do the rest.

Even traders who don’t know a lot about crypto trading can benefit from using it. Cryptogenisus makes trades based on pure analysis, which enables traders to buy and sell without allowing their emotions to get the best of them. Third-party analysts continually look for the most profitable open trade, and they then share the trade with all of the firm’s members.

Cryptogenisus has quite a few testimonials from traders who have made a lot of money using its bot. It should be understood that those testimonials are from extreme cases. However, the fact that users h have been turning a profit is definitely a good sign!

This post is sponsored content. Trading cryptocurrency is extremely speculative and highly risky. You should not invest any more money than what you can afford to lose.

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