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In-Demand Careers In Cryptocurrency And Blockchain [INFGORAPHIC]

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The cryptocurrency field is hiring, and the jobs are pretty high paying to start off. Most people don’t even realize that cryptocurrency comes from somewhere, but of course it is a technology that relies on teams of programmers, marketers, and security experts and many others to make the technology happen. One company in Estonia made international news last month when they advertised a job for a “Meme Specialist” with an annual salary of $48,000 plus 1% of earnings, but there are plenty of non-meme related jobs to be had in the cryptocurrency world.

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Many of the jobs in the cryptocurrency world are technical ones. After all, cryptocurrency is a digital technology that replaces centuries-old fiat currencies with digital agreements between peers. That takes a strong, reliable network and technology that runs smoothly no matter what. Some of the most common tech jobs in cryptocurrency include:

  • Blockchain Engineer and Developer - responsible for building and maintaining the technical backbone of a given cryptocurrency
  • Full Stack Developer - ensures the front end is user friendly and the back end is secure
  • Community Manager - oversees the building and maintenance of customer base

One of the most unique things about landing a job in the cryptocurrency world is the fact that many of the positions come with shareholding as part of the compensation package. Even an entry-level meme posting job could make you a millionaire or even a billionaire if you end up working for the right cryptocurrency company. Not all companies offer equities or tokens, but the ones that do give you a distinct career advantage.

So where do you even look for jobs in the cryptocurrency space? Aside from obvious places like Upwork and AngelList, there’s at least one job site completely dedicated to listings for cryptocurrency positions - Crypto Jobs List. Crypto Jobs List is a worldwide directory of job listings for everything from Cryptocurrency traders to blockchain developers and everything in between. As this space continues to grow there will be more jobs advertised on all jobs sites, so you will need to do your homework to figure out how much you should get paid since 76% of listings don’t list pay ranges.

So you think you want to work in the booming cryptocurrency world? It’s time to get started looking for your dream job before all the positions fill up - sorry, meme specialist is already taken. Learn more about cryptocurrency careers from this infographic!

In-Demand Careers In Cryptocurrency

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