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Creating Error-Free Marketing Materials

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Creating Error-Free Marketing Materials

May 20, 2014

by Megan Elliot

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Avoid marketing mistakes that will negatively affect your firm’s credibility.

Perhaps you’ve had this experience: You’ve spent hours – sometimes even weeks or months – perfecting your firm’s latest blog post, email campaign, direct mail piece or brochure. You finally send it off into the world, only to be hit with the sinking realization that you’ve made a mistake. There’s a misspelled word, a missing name or an incorrect phone number.

The list of possible errors is endless, and endlessly embarrassing.

Everyone makes the occasional goof, but consistently sending out marketing materials that contain grammatical errors, typos and other mistakes reflects poorly on you and your firm. After all, if you can’t spell clients’ names correctly, can you be trusted with their investments?

Fortunately, using checklists and implementing standard review procedures will help you produce error-free marketing communications.

Test yourself

When it comes to your writing, you may not even be aware of the errors you are making. Are you putting apostrophes in the right places? Do you know the difference between affect and effect? What about compliment and complement, principle and principal, or it’s and its?

If you’re worried that your grammar might be a bit rusty, check out this infographic, which highlights some common grammatical errors that will “make you look silly.” If you’re really feeling motivated, complete this free online course, which will help you learn to recognize common grammatical errors and avoid mistakes in your writing.

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