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What You Need to Know Before Creating an App [Infographic]

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With smartphones becoming so ubiquitous worldwide, the apps market has become a rather lucrative industry, although such is the competition that it will take something special to create an app that distinguishes itself from the rest. Creating an app is not terribly difficult, but if you want it done right and you want an app that won’t be just another fish in the sea, you’ll need to conduct a lot of preparatory work before you even begin coding for it.

The first step is to identify the need that your app intends to satisfy; this often comes about from a fleeting thought along the lines of ‘Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to compare X with Y, or do this through a few taps of a smartphone’. Then you need to see if there’s a discernible demand for your idea before delving into the nuts and bolts of how the app will look.

Once the app is up and running and there seems to be a demand for it, you could then consider monetisation. If you choose to go down this route, though, you’ll need to be intelligent in deciding how monetisation will be implemented, as the wrong option could deter people from using your app. Indeed, it should only be considered after the app has been on the market for a prolonged time. It’s fine to begin with a relatively basic version of the app, so that it will get to launch quicker; you can always add more features over time. Besides, this approach keeps people interested in your app, rather than going all-in from the start and letting the app become stale.

Public perception matters hugely when it comes to apps. Take on board any feedback you receive, especially if it is negative. A user could spot something crucial that you missed and, by ignoring this, your app is less likely to be a success. Conversely, if you react to user feedback and implement changes accordingly, you will be seen as someone who respects your customer base and this will generate positivity around the app.

This infographic from ERS IT Solutions offers  plenty of sensible advice on creating an app, from money-making tips to the main pitfalls that you need to avoid. Patience is the key; very few apps are overnight successes and you should be prepared to fall behind schedule and go over-budget at first, but by managing it cleverly, your app will pay itself back over time.

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