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Coronavirus Survey: Here’s What Americans Plan on Doing First After Lockdowns

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It should come as no surprise that spending less time with family and friends during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has taken an emotional toll on Americans. As a result, much of the country is anxiously anticipating local and state governments to relax social distancing directives.

One of Benzinga’s most recent coronavirus studies reflects the staggering financial effects of the pandemic.

Benzinga has analyzed survey data in an effort to determine what Americans miss most about their daily lives. The survey asked adults 18 and over: Which, if any, of the following activities are you looking forward to once social distancing directives end and businesses reopen?

Key Findings from the Study

Family matters:

    • Baby boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) long to visit family and/or friends they haven’t seen since before the COVID-19 outbreak.

Sixty-one percent of boomers prefer to visit with family

    • , whereas

only 47% of millennials (born between 1982 and 1999) feel the same way.

Old Town Road: Boomers are the adult generation most looking forward to taking a trip somewhere in the United States post-lockdown. Forty-one percent of boomers look forward to traveling in the U.S. when social distancing directives end. Only 37% of millennials desire to travel domestically after social distancing directives are relaxed.

Party on: Millennials have the highest propensity to party when communities reopen. Specifically, 2x as many millennials versus boomers said they’re looking forward to hosting a party as soon as they can.

Make reservations: Only 42% of millennials say they plan to dine at a restaurant and/or bar when businesses reopen. On the flip side, 64% of boomers responded “Yes” when asked if they would dine out.

Activities Post-Lockdown

To see a full table breaking down the activities that each generation of American adults will participate in post-lockdown, click here.