Coronavirus Stimulus Checks to Workers: Your Job May Get You Some COVID Relief Cash

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More federal stimulus checks are unlikely to come, but there are a few groups that are getting targeted payments from their state or local government. One such group is workers returning to work. Many states are sending coronavirus stimulus checks to workers, teachers and frontline workers in recognition of the work they did during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of these states will continue to send the payment till the end of the year.

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Coronavirus Stimulus Checks To Workers

Several states have already sent or are sending coronavirus stimulus checks to workers using the federal COVID funds allotted to them. Also, there are some states that are still considering how to use the federal funds they received. These states have until the end of the year to decide on how to use these federal funds allotted to them.

Talking about the states that are sending coronavirus stimulus checks to workers, the first state is Massachusetts. This state is using some of the federal funds it got to establish a COVID-19 Essential Employee Premium Pay Fund to give eligible essential workers between $500 to $2,000.

Maine is also providing stimulus money to residents who worked during the pandemic’s early days. The state is giving $285 disaster relief checks to about a half million residents.

“I hope this will help Maine families to some small degree during the holiday season as we work to fully recover our economy,” Gov. Janet Mills said while announcing the plan.

Minnesota, meanwhile, hasn’t yet decided on the use of the $250 million set aside for frontline workers in its budget. Despite several meetings, the lawmakers have failed to agree on a unanimous plan to distribute the money. The lawmakers are reportedly considering two plans, one from Republican members, who are in favor of giving money to workers who are at the highest risk of COVID-19 exposure, and the other plan favors a broader pool of workers.

Stimulus Money For Teachers

Florida has also been sending $1,000 checks to teachers in recognition of the duty they performed throughout the pandemic. Also, the state is paying up to $1,000 to first responders, including EMTs, firefighters, law enforcement officers, and paramedics.

Earlier this year, Tennessee's state legislature passed a proposal to offer hazard pay to teachers. Initially, in place of hazard pay, the lawmakers proposed a 2% raise for educators. However, the lawmakers eventually settled on a one-time payment of $1,000 for full-time teachers. The authorities will continue to send the payment until the end of the year.

Some local school districts in Texas are also giving employees stimulus checks in the form of retention bonuses. For instance, the bonus amount is as much as $2,000 in the Dallas suburb of Irving, while in Denton, teachers are getting $500, as well as a 2% pay increase. On the other hand, there are many Texas school districts that are giving a pay increase to educators and not direct payment.

So, if you live in any of the above states, and believe you could qualify for the stimulus money, then you should immediately contact the appropriate authorities.