4 GOP senators propose $1000 coronavirus stimulus checks

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At a time when Republicans and Democrats are negotiating over another coronavirus relief package, four Republican senators introduced a new bill on Thursday. This new bill would provide $1000 in coronavirus stimulus checks to Americans.

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Coronavirus stimulus checks of $1000

The new bill called the Coronavirus Assistance for American Families Act (CAAF) was proposed by Sens. Bill Cassidy, R-La.; Steve Daines, R-Mont.; Mitt Romney, R-Utah; and Marco Rubio, R-Fla.

“Much of the burden of the pandemic has fallen on parents and children. This legislation prioritizes their needs by providing resources for school supplies, childcare, and other unexpected expenses,” Cassidy said in a press release.

This new coronavirus stimulus bill lowers the size of stimulus checks to $1000. Previous Republican and Democrat proposals, the HEALS Act and HEROES Act, have called for $1,200 in stimulus checks to adults and $500 to dependents. The new bill, however, proposes giving $1000 coronavirus stimulus checks to all Americans, irrespective of their age or dependent status.

This means a family of four could get a maximum benefit of up to $4,000, or $600 more than what they would have gotten under the CARES Act. Also, this new proposal covers all adult dependents, including college students and those with disabilities.

Further, it also covers Americans who are married to foreign nationals. The bill, however, does not include foreign nationals and those who use ITINs (Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers) to file tax returns.

How it differs from CARES Act, HEALS Act and HEROES Act

This new bill differs from other bills in one way or other, including the CARES Act, HEALS Act and HEROES Act.

Under the CARES Act, eligible Americans got stimulus checks for an amount up to $1,200, while dependents got $500. GOP’s HEALS act also proposes similar payments. The Democrats-backed HEROES Act proposes giving $1,200 in stimulus checks to both individuals and dependents.

The CAAF Act, however, wants to give coronavirus stimulus checks of $1000 to individuals, as well as dependents.

Further, the new bill also differs from others in terms of who may qualify for the stimulus checks. The HEALS Act and CARES Act only provide payments to those with work-eligible Social Security numbers, while the HEROES Act promises payments to those with Social Security numbers, as well as those with individual tax identification numbers.

This new bill, along with providing payment to those with Social Security numbers, also allows Americans married to foreign nationals to get the stimulus check. A point to note is that the text of the CAAF Act does not mention the number of dependents eligible for the stimulus payments.

“As we consider additional relief measures, we should prioritize families by providing them with resources to help with the extra expenses they face as a result of COVID-19,” Romney said.

The income limit proposed by the CAAF Act is the same as the CARES Act and the HEALS Act.