Delbrook, Ensemble Capital And ARR Investment Partners To Pitch Ideas At Our Dec 17th Conference

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ValueWalk is holding its next Contrarian Investor Virtual Conference on December 17. This time around, Sean Stannard-Stockton with Ensemble Capital, Christian Putz with ARR Investment Partners and Matt Zablonski with Delbrook Capital Management will present.

Stannard-Stockton will present his thesis for an under-covered U.S. financial stock, while Putz will offer a company listed in Germany, and Zablonski will talk about a contrarian long idea. Previous Contrarian Investor Virtual Conferences have sent stock prices plunging, so you won’t want to miss the ideas presented at this next conference. You can pick up tickets to the event here, but in the meantime, here are some details about each of the presenters.

Sean Stannard-Stockton of Ensemble Capital

Ensemble Capital serves as a fee-only advisor serving clients with assets between $2 million and $200+ million. One of the firm’s recent ideas was Charles Schwab, which Senior Investment Analyst Arif Karim discussed on the Investors Podcast show We Study Billionaires.

He talked about Schwab’s history and business evolution from its roots as a discount broker into one of the largest custodians of assets with over $4 trillion in client assets. He also talked about how scale and culture drive efficiency, customer value proposition and competitive advantage and the importance of Schwab Bank in supporting low fees for all client services while generating strong returns for shareholders. Further, Karim discussed the impact of interest rates and inflation on the company’s business through the business cycle. Other recent ideas include Ferrari and Chipotle Mexican Grill.

Stannard-Stockton discussed the Overton Window in a recent blog post. He wrote about how investors can’t accurately forecast the behavior of the economy in the short term, but they must maintain certain expectations about long-term macroeconomic variables.

Christian Putz of ARR Investment Partners

ARR Investment Partners utilizes a global long/ short equity strategy. The London-based firm generated a double-digit net return during the market rout in March. ARR aims to generate attractive long-term returns and preserve capital in bear markets. To do this, the firm focuses on investments with limited downside and significant upside.

During the recent Eschler Emerging Manager Symposium, Putz talked about ARR’s strategy and presented one of his high conviction ideas, which was the Austrian IT service company S&T. The mid-cap company has a history of success. Putz said S&T recently picked up some strong acquisitions, and he expects the company to double its revenues in the coming years.

During the second quarter, S&P boosted its revenues year over year. The company has high growth but is trading at low multiples and sold off in late October, presenting an opportunity for investment. A U.K. analyst advised investors to sell the stock due to questions about S&T’s margins and other financial numbers. Putz believes many people were concerned after the Wirecard scandal, so their immediate reaction was to sell. S&T issued a statement explaining why it disagreed with what the analyst said.

Matt Zablonski of Delbrook Capital Management

Delbrook Capital Management is a value-oriented investment manager focused on the metals and mining sector. Zablonski founded the firm in 2019 with the goal of building a sector-focused firm committed to superior fundamental analysis and security selection. His initial investment thesis was that the metals and mining sector presented significant opportunities for capital appreciation and portfolio diversification.

Contrarian Investor Virtual Conference This Week

This week’s Contrarian Investor Virtual Conference is sure to be one event you don’t want to miss. Ten percent of the proceeds from the event will again be donated to the CDC Foundation to support the emergency response to the coronavirus. The event is the first in our series that is eligible for the 4+1 Ticket Subscription Package. Buy tickets for the next four events, and get a fifth one free. The package also comes with a free subscription to ValueWalkPremium, which is a $199 value, and free premium subscription to the Contrarian Investor Podcast, which is a $96 value.

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