How To Copy Contents of Any Text File Directly from ‘Send To’ Menu

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The ‘Send to’ menu is one of the most useful offerings of Windows OS. It presents a shortcut to send items to zip, encrypt it, add to cloud storage and do more. Wouldn’t it be great if you can copy the contents of any text file to the Windows clipboard directly from right-click Send to menu? Well, that’s exactly what is possible by following a simple procedure.

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Creating a Send To Menu shortcut for Copying Text Files

Open your Send To folder by typing shell:sendto in Run window. Shortcut to access Run is Windows key + R.

run send to

Right-click on an empty space, go to New > Shortcut.


In the location, type CMD /C CLIP < and press Next.


Give a name for this shortcut and click on Finish.


That’s it. Now you can start sending the content of any text to clipboard from the Send To menu.

The default icon for this shortcut is the command prompt but you can easily change that icon from its Properties.


To do this, open Properties > Shortcut and click on Change icon. Select your preferred icon and click on OK.

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Tip: You can find many system icons from System32 shell32.dll. Browse and open this location to find more icons. Or you can use any icon that you’ve downloaded from the Internet.

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