New Data Shows How Differently Left and Right Actually Think

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Contempo – There’s new data that shows how shockingly different the right and the left actually think.

Today the #1 topic for the left is Melania Trump and her immigration story.

While the most popular story on the right is Tim Kaine’s bishop rebuke.

To break it down even further:


rightbuzznewsfeed-contempo rockthevote-contempoWhile these two sides are starkly different, there are some topics that both sides are both interested in, including the following:

This information comes from a new app called Contempo that launched yesterday. Contempo’s proprietary algorithm analyzed the social media sentiment of liberal and conservative political influencers and found that
Contempo is the first app from Aleya Labs, the company helmed by ex-Mode Media CPO and Microsoft veteran, Sal Arora. It offers “snackable politics” and a way to sort through the BS and get the news you want by swiping left for “the left” and right for “the right” news.

And for those who still need to register?


Contempo can help. The app features a full integration with Rock the Vote, giving users the ability to register to vote, check polling locations, and check their registration status, without leaving the app.

Aleya Labs Launches Contempo Political App: Swipe Left for ‘the Left’ and Right for ‘the Right’ 


Integration with Rock the Vote allows users to register to vote while getting their political “news of the day”


Menlo Park, CA—September 14, 2016 – Aleya Labs, the developer of a new platform that converges human behavior and machine learning, today released its first consumer offering, the iOS app “Contempo.” Launched in time for the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections, Contempo is the first app to offer real-time access to the most relevant political news and commentary: swipe left for “the left” and right for “the right.” Unlike other news apps or news aggregators that are based on RSS feeds or provide coverage from just a single media source, Contempo analyzes the social media sentiment of liberal and conservative political influencers and then uses its proprietary machine learning algorithms to provide the best mix of stories that will inform, engage and entertain readers.

“What I personally find annoying about the current state of the news is that it bifurcates into two isolated streams, one seemingly attempting to tell the right what it wants to hear and the other doing the same thing to the left,” said Rob Enderle, Principal of Enderle Group. “If you want to understand both sides and form an intelligent opinion rather than have one forced on you, then you are pretty much on your own, and it wasn’t until I saw Contempo that I realized what they provide is what I was missing. Contempo collects coverage from both sides and gives  users a far more balanced view, helping them make more intelligent choices on issues and candidates.”

How it works

  • The platform powering Contempo analyzes the social media sentiment of thousands of publications, blogs, think tanks, political pundits, activists and satirists.
  • Proprietary machine learning algorithms capture and rank the news stories that political influencers on both sides of the aisle most care about.
  • Every five minutes, the app presents to readers the most important “NewsThreads” that they should be aware of.  A NewsThread is represented by a lead story with the key topic words highlighted, along with related stories, coded in red or blue, so that the user can explore and discover the topic further, based on their political preferences.
  • Readers can access the most relevant news of the day in a clutter-free, user-friendly app with Reader View available

“Contempo showcases the power of the Aleya Platform to tap into large-scale human behavior on social networks using machine learning to provide a valuable service to consumers,” said Sal Arora, CEO of Aleya Labs.  “We hope that consumers interested in politics, policy and news will soon make Contempo their one-stop shop for the most relevant news from across the political spectrum.”


The all-in-one election app

In addition to providing consumers with the most important “NewsThreads,” Contempo integrates with Rock the Vote, providing consumers with a way to check their registration status, find a local polling venue, connect to the election center, and even register to vote. With the click of a button at the top of the screen, consumers can find all of their election needs in one place.


“Contempo is unique in its approach to offering young Americans a simple way to access top political news from both the ‘right’ and ‘left’ — and we’re excited to help give Contempo users an opportunity to register to vote, too,” said Jen Tolentino, Director of Civic Technology and Policy at Rock the Vote. “At Rock the Vote, we work to provide young people with a simple, positive voting experience, as well as the tools necessary to make informed decisions. Being part of the Contempo app is a natural fit for Rock the Vote, and we’re thrilled to help voters make informed decisions using innovative approaches to consuming the most important news of the day.”


Pricing and availability

Contempo is a free app and can be downloaded via the App Store.

About Aleya Labs

Aleya Labs is the developer of a new platform that converges human behavior and machine learning to create consumer applications and data-driven business solutions.  The company’s first consumer offering built using the Aleya platform is an iOS app “Contempo.” Contempo is the first app to offer real time access to the most socially relevant political news and commentary from both the right and the left.  Founded in July, 2016, Aleya Labs is based in Menlo Park, Ca. For more information, connect with Aleya Labs on Facebook and Twitter.

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