Cloud Migration Is The Most Important Technological Shift for Companies

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A commentary from Clara Angotti, on the most important technological shift for companies, being cloud migration.

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COVID-19 has shaken up the world as we know it, setting the stage for businesses to accelerate innovative tactics to survive with the biggest and most important technological shift for companies being cloud migration.

Clara Angotti, president of Next Pathway, talks about the customers' urgent need to move to data warehouses in the cloud.

Cloud Migration: The Biggest And Most Important Technological Shift For Companies

“Those that have understood the power of digitizing their business and have gone to lengths to transform their business and re-platform it, or at least get it ready for the cloud, have really done a great job of surviving. And some of them have actually been thriving in the environment of economic certainty that the pandemic has really created in our world.

There’s a couple things that our customers are saying - one, some of them are on legacy warehouses where they're spending too much money and it's costing them too much operational overhead, or they’re experiencing end of life issues with their data warehouse. But the majority of them are saying - I really need to be more nimble in my organization from an operational efficiency perspective.

But also nimbleness to say, if I need to spend more money and more effort on my online presence then, I need to be able to do that. And if anything, this pandemic has taught us is that those companies that can be nimble will do well. We don't know what the next curve ball is going to be. If anything, what we've learned is that the companies need to be operationally at the ready and nothing prepares them better for being able to spin their business than having the agility of the cloud. So, if anything, I think our business has been more relevant than any other time, so we're super happy to be ready for this environment.”