What To Do When A Client Won’t Pay – A Step By Step Guide [Infographic]

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Whilst we ourselves are in the business of offering serviced apartments in London, a large number of our clients are business owners travelling with work. As such, we’re here to help; offering our own advice and guidance to our clients!

Collecting invoice payments from clients should be a simple, routine process, with all settling up within a 30 day (or otherwise agreed) period.

Unfortunately, however, everyone in business is, at some stage, met with a client who won’t, or can’t, pay their bills.

From honest cash flow issues through to obvious excuses and simply those who have overlooked payment due to being busy with the day-to-day running of their business, there’s a multitude of reasons why invoices go unpaid and these, especially when for significant sums of money, can have serious consequences.

It’s important to know your options for getting overdue invoices settled and below you’ll find a simple, but effective, step by step guide.

What To Do When A Client Won't Pay IG

Infographic by Clarendon

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