China’s Stimulus Measures Will Weigh on Industrial Metals

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China was recently in the throes of a pandemic-related economic malaise, and that, in effect, could put pressure on industrial metals as demand weakens.

An ING report authored by Ewa Manthey highlighted the macroeconomic outlook for industrial metals like copper and nickel as it related to China’s economic challenges. The second-largest economy has had to deal with a real estate development crisis and resurging COVID-19 cases over the past few years, but a bounce-back was in the making to start 2023. However, that rally has run out of steam.

Until the economy can get back on track, industrial metals will face pressure.

“We believe metals will stay under pressure in the second half of the year as the sluggish recovery in China will likely continue to weigh on demand, with most industrial metals remaining dependent on economic stimulus from the world’s biggest consumer of metals,” the report said. “However, if China introduces stimulus measures, in particular for the property sector, this will boost metals demand and support higher prices.”

“We believe that any improvements in metals prices will depend on the eventual implementation of China’s stimulus measures and actual demand improvement,” the report said further.

Stimulus On The Way

The counterbalance is that the Chinese government isn’t going to stand idly by as the economy sputters. Stimulus measures are already on the way, which could help kickstart the economy back towards an upward trajectory.

If that’s indeed the case, then industrial metals could see strength as demand bounces back. To meet that demand, miners will be responsible for the supply, particularly when it comes to copper and nickel.

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Article by Ben Hernandez, ETF Trends