Check iOS 11 Download And Release Time In Your City

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Today is the big day! iOS 11 is coming to the masses! For months we have been talking about the iOS 11 beta updates, the Golden Master leak, and the new features coming to Apple’s mobile operating system. All of that head been leading up to today. Finally, iOS 11 is ready to be pushed out to the masses and Apple is ready to show off what they have been working on.

Wondering when the iOS 11 release time is for your city? We have a handy chart here that shows the various local times in major cities when the iOS 11 update will be pushed out. Check it out for yourself and find your city or a nearby city in the same time zone to determine when your device will get the update:

Check iOS 11 Release Time In Your City

For those of us out on the west coast of North America, we pretty much get a full day to play with iOS 11. For those of you in Australia or Japan… Looks like you’ll be pulling a late one into the early hours of Wednesday morning. At least now you know the iOS 11 release time in your time zone.

So, what’s all the hype about? iOS 11 brings a lot of new features of the operating system. You won’t notice any huge changes in appearance or operation but you should notice handy improvements that make iOS 11 feel more intuitive and easy to use.

For example, Control Center is getting a nice update. Now, in iOS 11, you will be able to customize Control Center to contain the apps and toggles that you use the most; not the ones Apple puts in there for you.

Apple has also added screen recording to iOS 11. That’s right! Screen recording is now built into the operating system. No third party apps or clever workarounds are needed. Best of all, you can add the screen recording toggle to Control Center in order to give you quick and easy access to the feature. How handy is that?

Siri and Apple Maps are getting some great new improvements in iOS 11 as well. Siri is smarter with this new update. One of the big features is translation. This should help Siri compete a little more with the likes of Google Assistant. You can also type your question to Siri without having to ask out loud – perfect for a noisy, crowded area.

In regards to Apple Maps, iOS 11 is making it easier for you to find your way. Apple Maps now includes indoor maps of certain places like airports and malls. That should certainly be a handy feature for travelers visiting a new spot for the first time. Also, while driving, Apple Maps is going to become the best co-pilot you have ever had. The updated version of Apple Maps will notify you if you should change lanes in order to make your upcoming exit. The app will also include speed limit reminders which, if you’re like me, could literally save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

That’s just a taste of a few of the biggest features coming to iOS 11. Will you stay up and wait for the iOS 11 release time in your city or is it coming a little too late for you? If you need something to do while you wait for the iOS 11 release time, check out our iOS 11 tips and tricks! You’ll be a master of iOS 11 from the moment it’s installed on your device.

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