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Charts That Matter – Devaluation is not a tool for exports, it is a tool for cronyism

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1 Oh No this chart is not about Telecom Battle.In my view what is standing between social unrest and educated/unemployed youth in India is FREE data as it keep their minds occupied.

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Q2 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc

Enjoy… it will not last forever

2.5. Google trends show Mutual fund search at 18 months low and the result is stoppage of SIP’s

SIP are the support structure of indian equity markets and with most portfolio managers not beating their benchmarks , investors are getting disillusioned and stopping SIP.  For April to June,2018; 30 lac fresh sip registrations and 12 lac have ceased. That’s 37%. More alarming is in Direct option,5 lac fresh sips registered, 2.35 lac sip ceased. That’s almost 50%!!

3.Big moves are happening more often in markets. (Three-sigma being a move you’d expect to happen roughly one trading day every three years). If you are a trader reduce the size of position and if you are institution then better give more credence to your Risk Manager.

Stopping SIP

4.Devaluation is not a tool for exports, it is a tool for cronyism.
If a weaker currency really helped exports,Argentina would be the exporting champion of the world
Exports -6% pa Devaluation -27% pa

Stopping SIP

5.Inflation at 1 million percent.Congratulations Maduro….. you have achieved something of a feat putting your country  in a similar position as German Hyperinflation almost a century ago

Stopping SIP

Article by Ritesh Jain, World Out Of whack

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