chaiOS Bug Causes An iPhone Crash When This Link Is Texted

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It appears as if the “Effective power” bug is back on both iPhones and Macs. This concerning bug causes an iPhone crash when a certain link is sent, and in certain cases may freeze the iPhone or Mac entirely.

iPhone Crash Bug

This most recent bug has been discovered by Abraham Masri, the developer behind the to.panga jailbreak, Houdini semi-jailbreak and several other iOS projects, and appears to affect both iOS and macOS devices. The bug generally won’t cause any harm to the phone outside of freezing the messaging app and perhaps forcing a restart after an iPhone crash, but Masri warned that the information should not be used for nefarious purposes and that he made news of the bug public mainly for informational purposes.

While it’s not a serious problem that will do any real lasting damage to the iPhone or Mac, it’s still a major annoyance. There will no doubt be a number of people who decide to prank their family and friends using this new knowledge, and it could cause some problems until Apple provides an update to fix the issues that cause the iPhone crash to happen in the first place. As mentioned above, this isn’t the first time that a similar bug has cropped up in the form of text and links, and the problem has affected the Safari browser in addition to iOS and Mac devices.

The Nefarious Link

The bug essentially functions through a GitHub link. When the link is sent, it will immediately crash the recipient’s Messages app. This unfortunate effect is the consequence of the app preloading the page with the code that causes the issue, crashing the app before you can even click the link. In some cases, this bug can cause boot loops or an iPhone crash that necessitates fully restarting the device. The link has also been shown to cause lag in Messages and iOS in general in addition to the iPhone crash, and in some rare cases may make the Messages app completely useless.

The iPhone crash bug appears to affect both the public and beta version of the most recent update for iOS and macOS. There’s no doubt that Apple will patch out the issue in an upcoming update, but how fast that happens will probably depend on how widespread this issue becomes. In the meantime, make sure you only use this knowledge for education rather than sending it to other phones – even if it seems like a fun prank. An iPhone crash is still annoying and can cause a lt of stress for users if they don’t know what’s going on, so it’s important that we lay off of this bug while Apple scrambles to find a fix for the issue.

At least with this new knowledge regarding the iPhone crash from Abraham Masri, we understand one of the problems with the code in Apple’s operating system. The company generally encourages people to find bugs in their software, so they’ll no doubt be pleased that this iPhone crash issue has been brought to their attention.


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