New iOS 11 Message Bug Discovered

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iOS 11 has only been out for a few days but people have been stumbling upon several small issues in the software that range from annoying to downright frustrating. Of course, there have been the battery issues for people that updated to iOS 11. There is also the iOS 11 WiFi problem that causes some people to lose WiFi connection. Now, it appears that we have stumbled on a bug that makes messaging a contact from the “Contacts” app a little more difficult than it should be.

As far as software bugs go, this one isn’t exactly a system crashing kind of bug so you can feel safe if you want to test or try to replicate it on your own device. Here’s the series of unfortunate events… Basically, the user will open their “Contacts” app and find the name of the person they want to message. Then, they will tap on that user to open up their full contact card. iOS gives you the option to tap one of several icons depending on whether you want to send a text message or make a call. If you tap message it should take you to a new screen where you can write and send the text. This has always been the case. Instead, this bug sends the user to their main messages screen with their existing conversations. Not exactly helpful if you wanted to, you know, actually send a message to the person who you were trying to send a message to in the first place. Here’s the contact card we were talking about:

Just your standard contact card. Nothing unique or strange here. If you tap on the “Message” icon then you should go to the text edit screen like this:

New iOS 11 Message Bug Contact

You type your message. You hit send. Done. The whole process takes 10 seconds unless you’re typing out a novel. However, the iOS 11 message bug actually sends you to your main messages display, like this:

New iOS 11 Message Bug iMessage

Then, you basically would have to start a new conversation and find the contact you want to message again. Not the most inconvenient bug in the world but something that shouldn’t happen in a finished version of iOS. The iOS 11 message bug seems to occur several times. In testing, we found that repeating the same action by going through the “Contacts” app, opening the full contact card, and tapping the “Message” icon would result in correctly being sent to the text message editing screen after about 4 or 5 tries. If we weren’t testing the bug then it would have been easier to just start a new message conversation and add the contact there rather than go through the contact card. That would be the workaround for now until Apple pushes out a patch.

Have you experienced this iOS 11 message bug or any other iOS 11 bugs at all? What are your thoughts overall with the new software? Let us know and don’t be afraid to send along your tips and experiences if you discover a new iOS 11 bug!

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