CES 2014: Smart Tech And Wearable Devices To Dominate

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CES 2014 will be dominated by smart technology and wearable devices this year, as one of the biggest gadget shows in the world kicks off tomorrow. QUALCOMM, Inc. (NASDAQ:QCOM) announced new chips for everything from smart TV sets to connected cars. Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) also plans to feature wearable devices at the Consumer Electronics Show this year.

CES 2014 to feature smart technology

So what’s on tap for CES 2014? Smart or connected devices are sure to be all the rage at this year’s CES. These devices are those which connect with the web. Smart televisions are really just the tip of the iceberg. More and more sensors are making anything possible, from sensors to tell our devices what the temperature is outside, to others made to monitor heart rates and even physical and facial reactions.

Wearable tech also expected at CES 2014

We can pretty much expect to see plenty of wearable computing devices, as at least 12 companies showcased wearable items at the CES Unveiled preview. Numerous companies will probably feature their own smart watches. According to Sky News, analysts predict that about 1.5 million wearable devices will be sold around the globe this year. Tech site Pocket-Lint founder Stuart Miles said he had seen things to wear on the arms, shoulders, and head and even to put in the mouth.

Even though wearables will probably be quite a big deal at the show this year, none of those we’ve seen so far have really taken off within the consumer market. Even Samsung’s Galaxy Gear hasn’t caught on. It remains to be seen whether this year’s show will bring something which truly catches the eyes of consumers.

More of the usual at CES 2014

And of course it wouldn’t be CES without a healthy dose of smartphones, tablets, cameras and the other usual electronic suspects. PC Mag predicts there will even be some desktop computers shown off at the event this year, although this year, they are expected to be hybrid computers which are designed to offer the best of both a big-screen tablet and a desktop.

In the world of cameras and smart television sets, the site expects to see 4K, or ultra-hi-definition.

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