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Cars Of World Leaders

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The classic image of a world leader involves a lot of being driven about in large, black, bulletproof limos. For most part this is accurate, and the majority of heads of state are driven to events in armoured Mercedes Benz vehicles.

With all eyes on Trump during his recent inauguration, it was very important that he had a tidy, clean car for his entrance to the global stage. The whole event was also dubbed a ‘two mile nightmare’ by the Secret Service, so security was paramount. Fortunately, his mechanical steed dubbed by many ‘The Beast’ and others ‘Cadillac One’ delivered.

Other leaders though, have different preferences. The Danish Royals are far more concerned with heritage, and cling to their classic 1958 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith, known locally as the ‘Store Krone’ (‘Big Crown’ in English.) This vehicle has no serious security measures in place, but it’s undoubtedly stylish.

Chile too clings to an ancient 1966 Ford Galaxie, choosing classic aesthetics over function for national days of celebration. The car was originally purchased to seat Queen Elizabeth on a state visit in 1968. At a cost of just $9,200, the USA could purchase 163 of Chile’s state car for $1.5 million, the cost of one of Trump’s vehicles.

Some nations project different values entirely with their choice of state car. Until recently Jose Mujica, dubbed ‘the world’s poorest president’ drove himself to official events in his sky-blue 1987 VW Beetle. Despite receiving offers of over $1 million, Mujica’s ride’s approximate resale value is little over $1,800. The car embodied what Mujica’s presidency stood for, focusing on the nation’s poor over his own comfort.

Regtransfers, a UK-based number plate reseller has delved into the fascinating world of state cars in the infographic below. They’ve also included a fascinating map of which countries choose which brands of car for their leaders. It suggests that while the majority of nations opt for a Mercedes or other German vehicle, others stick to their national brands, notably the UK, USA, Czech Republic, China, France, Italy, South Korea, and Sweden.

There are perks to power, especially when it comes to automotive selection for the world’s heads of state.


The doors on President Trump’s technological marvel car, for example, are so heavy that he couldn’t even open them from the inside if he wanted to.


However it’s not all about black bulletproof limos, other nations opt for quirkier options, like Chile’s retro 60’s Ford Galaxie bought for a visit by Queen Elizabeth II in ’68 and treasured ever since.


Regtransfers have delved into the secret world of state cars here and embedded below.


We’ve found all the facts, costs, and even included a map of which countries use which brands to transport their leaders.

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