Career Guide For 2017 MBA Aspirants

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Management studies in India is seen as the best option for bright career prospects. This is evident from the competition involved in MBA entrance exams. There are nationwide exams and also university specific exams which are taken by huge number of students every year.

For the post graduation in management studies, students from engineering and business studies compete equally. Indian Institute of Management(IIM) is seen as the premiere institute in this regard. Students take up common admission test (CAT) to get admission into these colleges. It is considered as one of the toughest exams as the selection ratio is very low.

The students get their dream salary packages at the end of the course which is the main factor that draws students to study MBA. Every year, famous magazines list out the top management study institutes to give the students a better perspective on picking up their college.

The factors which have to be considered while choosing an institute is the faculty, placement and infrastructure. Colleges which provide students with good course structure and faculty have better placements, as these students tend to be a valuable asset to the organization.

What to choose in MBA?

While MBA is a bright prospective there are various branches in the course, the students need to make a choice so as to which option will be the best for them.

The most popular ones being human resource and finance, there are branches dedicated to hospital, rural management too. So when you make a choice pick the one which will suit your interests and there are colleges which are particularly famous for certain branch of studies.

Another option to be considered while picking up the branch is to make sure the institute you choose has placements for it. Do no choose a branch just because it is popular among your peers. Go through the career prospective for each and every branch, then make an informed decision.

Direct admission colleges

While entrance exams are one way to get admission, there are colleges which offer direct admission based on academic records. Many private colleges have counselling based on the academic performance of the students, school and college grades. Even in colleges which have entrance exams certain amount of marks is given to previous academic records for admission.

In Premier institutes work experience is also weighted during selection.

Course duration

The duration of the course lasts for two years in India. But for a professional or executive MBA the time period is one year. The two years of study is filled with internships and strong theoretical concepts of business management.

It prepares a student to handle the real life business.

Course fees

The course fees range from few thousands to few lakhs. It all depends on the college the student chooses. While the students of high ranked colleges can easily gain a student loan, other college students can also get educational loans for completing the course.

There are several private institutes which offer the students MBA at affordable prices.


At the end a good college will serve as the right platform for students to jump start their professional life. Pick the college which serves all your requirements.

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