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Know About Cars & 13 Car Brand Names [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Cars are one of the commonly used vehicles by many of us and it’s a part of our day to day life. For some it’s a necessity and for some it’s a matter of their reputation in the society. What so ever purpose it fills for you there are some really interesting things associated with cars which we all should be aware of like about the history of cars and automobile pioneers.

Have you ever heard the names of famous automobile industry persons: Francois Isaac De Rivaz and Karl Benz?

You should also know about car sales around the world so that you can showcase your knowledge to others.

Do you know the names of the valuable automotive brands worldwide? Well Toyota tops in the series.

Have you ever heard the name Etymology? It’s the study of history of words. So, how about etymology of car brand names?

Most of the people who use cars or have their own cars just purchase the cars as per the brand values but probably don’t know about how the car which they are using gets its name. Definitely one should know a brief about what they are using as a car is almost a big expense. So, are you interested to know how some famous car brands got their names? What’s your car manufacturer’s name? Have you tried to know how it got the name? Well there are high chances that you will find the answer to this question in the infographic below created by the team at Motorbazee an Automobile Portal.  The infographic covers the stories associated with the names of 13 popular car brands.

So, explore the infographic below and if you think that it’s something of interest to any of your friends or known’s and worth sharing then please do the same. Your views and comments are appreciated.

Know About Cars & 13 Car Brand Names

The following infographic covers a lot of interesting information about Cars, Car Sales, Valuable Automotive Brands Worldwide and How 13 Famous Car Brands got their Names, which many of us are not aware of.

Know About Cars & 13 Car Brand Names [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic source: Motorbazee.com

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