Buy Silver With Shiba Inu Through BitPay

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Welcome, SHIBArmy! BitPay now offers an option to buy silver products with Shiba Inu!

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What is Shiba Inu?

In August 2020, Shiba Inu was created anonymously as an Ethereum-based altcoin. This digital token receives its name from the famous Japanese hunting dog breed Shiba Inu and uses an image of the dog as its mascot. Considered a decentralized meme token, Shiba Inu has gained tremendous popularity. So much so that communities have joined together to form the SHIBArmy. As of December 2021, Shiba Inu surpassed the tremendously popular Dogecoin as the token with the highest valuation in the shortest amount of time.

Why is Shiba Inu so Popular?

In the age of social media trends, meme coins have attracted a cult-like following. Influential people like Elon Musk have tweeted about Shiba Inu, increasing the popularity of the token. Shiba Inu owners enjoy posting memes and inside jokes under trending hashtags like #SHIB, #SHIBArmy, and #ShibalnuCoin.

Another differentiator of Shiba Inu from other digital currencies is the total supply of tokens available. Instead of keeping token supplies low to help increase a higher valuation, as is the case with Bitcoin, Shiba Inu offers a total supply of one quadrillion tokens. This allows Shiba Inu users to hold trillions of tokens in their digital wallets at a time.

What Silver Bullion Products Should I Purchase with My Shiba Inu?

Silver has become one of the most popular investments throughout history. The precious metal has been used as a hedge against inflation and is becoming more popular among investors and collectors alike. You can buy silver bullion in various forms from Bullion Exchanges.


Silver bars are rectangular ingots minted from companies around the world. Sizes vary from 1 gram to 1 kilogram and are usually stamped with the mining company’s logo, dimensions, and purity. Bullion bars are popular with investors who prefer to buy precious metals in large amounts.


Unlike bars, silver coins are created by government mints and carry a legal tender status. Bullion silver coins feature year, face value, purity, weight, and unique designs. You can buy silver coins as uncirculated or circulated which provide different finishes. Many people purchase silver coins as collectible items, but you can also invest in an IRA using silver coins.


Similar in shape to a coin, rounds are a thin circular silver disk. Many minting companies create these rounds as an alternative to silver bars. Even though rounds look like coins, they do not have a legal tender designation. Rounds are minted similarly to bars, containing the company logo, weight, design, and purity. These coins are popular because they are easy to store and require minimum investment.

How do I Buy Silver with Shiba Inu (SHIB)?

Bullion Exchanges will now accept Shiba Inu as payment for all your favorite precious metal goods when using BitPay! Using BitPay is an easy and safe way for purchasing bullion and numismatic products on Bullion Exchanges.

The following illustrates the simple steps to use Shiba Inu as payment:

  1. Fund your BitPay wallet by selecting the “Buy” option on the BitPay app home screen.
  2. Enter the number of dollars you would like to convert to SHIB.
  3. Once you own SHIB, you can go to Bullion Exchanges.
  4. Add all desired products to your shopping cart and select the “Crypto” option as your payment method in the checkout process tab.
  5. After completing your requested information, you will be redirected to BitPay. While you are on this page, you can complete the payment using the BitPay app. Once you approve the amount, funds will be transferred to Bullion Exchanges.
  6. Once your payment is sent and orders clear, your items will enter the shipping queue immediately. Note: Shiba Inu orders can take anywhere from a couple of hours to 1 business day to clear.

Purchasing Your Silver With Shiba Inu

Bullion Exchanges promises secure and easy-to-use payment options for all of your favorite gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products. Should you decide to make a purchase using Shiba Inu, we will add a 3% discount to the item’s full list price. For more details regarding payment options, please read our Terms & Conditions, or feel free to contact us through our live web chat feature, via email at [email protected], or by calling 800.852.6884.