Busting Misconceptions About Financial Advisors

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Dariusz Godlewski is an expert who can help bust common misconceptions people have about financial advisors that may cause them to be skeptical of their advice.

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Misconceptions About Financial Advisors

For example, some people believe that financial advisors often push annuities because they offer more lucrative commissions than many other investments.

Dariusz Godlewski clears the air on this by saying "Indexed Annuities usually have 10 year agreements between the client and an insurance company. There are usually two ways the agent gets paid. Upfront commissions that are 6-7% or an annual trail of 1%. If you compare this to a 10 year holding period of any investment portfolio the fee is usually 1%-1.5%/yr (not including expense ratios of those funds) That would equal to minimum 10-15% of fees over ten years."

"If the agent takes an upfront commission for the annuity it`s only 6-7% which is substantially lower than managed investment accounts over the same period. If the agent takes 1% annual trail that would be 10% over the same period of time, which is still on the lower side of AUM fees."

About Dariusz Godlewski, RFC

Dariusz Godlewski is the president of Financial Wealth Alliance and a licensed investment adviser representative with Brookstone Capital Management. He holds a life insurance license and has passed the Series 65 securities exam.