What Everyone Needs To Do After Securing Their First Business Credit

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Business credit is often a great financing option that can help your business expand in its early stages, and getting approval with a strong business credit score is a major step for any company. Once you’ve received your cash, the next step is figuring out exactly how to use it for the best possible results.

While you’ve already come up with ways to use the money from your business loan, it’s important to utilize each dollar as efficiently as possible. Turning funding for your small business into even more money is a great way to put your company in position to receive even better loans further down the line.

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Start Budgeting for Payments

The most important thing you can do to increase your chances of receiving loan approval in the future is paying off your existing loan on time. Including these payments in your budget will help you make informed financial decisions, and you can even set up automatic payments to ensure you don’t forget.

Many people aren’t aware of the importance of their business credit score, which can actually play a major role in determining your fitness for future loans. Making full payments on time is the most effective way of maintaining or increasing your business credit score.

Take Advantage of Prepayment Opportunities

Your lender should make any prepayment opportunities clear when you’re initially approved for the loan. Prepaying involves making additional payments or adding extra amounts to your existing payment plan, resulting in the loan being totally paid off before the maturation date.

On the other hand, you should know that certain lenders actually charge an additional penalty for prepayments to compensate for the lost interest. It’s important to know how your loan functions in order to pay it off efficiently.

Register Your Phone Number

Many company owners don’t know that the collateral offered in a business loan is public information, but borrowers often receive a large number of calls offering other lending opportunities.

In order to avoid receiving too many calls from telemarketers after registering for a loan, you can simply register your number using the National Do Not Call Register. This will ensure that these organizations aren’t able to contact you via telemarketing.

Use the Business Credit Effectively

The best thing you can do for the future of your business and your ability to receive loans is simply to utilize the money to the fullest extent possible. A business loan is a great opportunity for expansion, but new cash can disappear surprisingly quickly when used inefficiently.


Receiving a business loan is a significant step in the early stages of your company’s growth, and it’s important to continue to take the right steps quickly in order to maximize your future growth and return on investment. These tips will help you make the most of your loan and avoid mistakes business owners commonly make after being approved.

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