It’s Happening: More Us Allies Join The Anti-Dollar Alliance

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It’s Happening: More Us Allies Join The Anti-Dollar Alliance by Simon Black, Sovereign Man

Santiago, Chile

Late last week the UK announced that it will be joining the new China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) as a founding member. Yesterday, Germany, France and Italy decided to follow their lead and join as well.

Watching its friends drift one by one over to the Chinese, the US government’s attitude is transforming from “please, baby, don’t leave me” now to lashing out with frustrated threats and whining.

It’s almost pathetic to see the US government behaving like a spoiled child trying to win back the attention of his friends who’ve flocked to check out the another kid’s shiny new toy.

For the past few decades the US has dominated world finance, trade, politics and security (or perhaps more accurately, insecurity…).

It was an undisputed superpower with a commanding presence in all aspects of society—from the US dollar being the most widely used currency to American culture dominating movie theaters, TV sets, and radios all over the world.

This was overly empowering, giving the US government a sense of omnipotence that it greatly abused. There’s a limit, however, to how much of an irresponsible, reckless bully you can be until your actions catch up to you.

Decades of unsustainable policies have left the US government drowning in debt that can never be honestly repaid. The government’s own numbers show that official debt and unfunded liabilities (to its retirees and medical care recipients) have already surpassed $60 trillion, and are still rising.

Years and years of unrestrained money printing and central bank fiddling have lost the US dollar its formerly undisputed position as the world’s primary reserve and trade currency.

Increasingly suffocating regulations that dictate everything from what people can put into their bodies, to how they can educate their children, to who foreign companies can or cannot do business with are destroying what was once the land of opportunity and The Land of the Free.

The US has even become so arrogant and unscrupulous in its position that it’s shutting down, or threatening to shut down, foreign banks that don’t even have a US presence and have broken no local laws where they operate. Though the banks have no reason to obey the rules of the US government, that doesn’t deter them. In their mind, the whole world should be subject to their dominion.

But now, people all over the world are seeing that there are new players are on the rise. Times are changing. The US isn’t the only option anymore.

Increasingly they’re turning to China, who, by some metrics, is already the largest economy in the world.

And there’s nothing the US government can do about it.

The changes are picking up speed. It’s mainstream news everywhere—with the US now being left by its allies for the new kid on the block.

There is no question that things will change dramatically in the West in the coming years. After all, everything is different when you’re no longer number one.

For an idea of what’s to come, just look to Europe to see how unsustainable policies unravel when you don’t have the backing of the world’s reserve currency.

But here’s the thing—these massive changes shouldn’t scare you.

The world isn’t ending. It’s just changing. And those who recognize what’s happening and embrace it will prosper. For there will be tremendous opportunities to be seized throughout this process.

Modern technology means that all of our lives don’t have to be trapped within one single bankrupt country.

You can move your savings abroad to safety.

You can structure your business and assets so that you keep more of your hard-earned income for yourself and your family.

You can seek investment opportunities out there that aren’t subject to central-bank induced bubbles.

You can plan ahead and establish an alternative residency in a safe and thriving place, where you might even qualify for a second passport down the line.

Bottom line—the world is changing. And the power is in your hands to either do something about it and prosper or to stay put, ignore it, and watch as your life turned upside down.

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