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Why Your Brain Craves Coffee [Infographic]

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On a scale of one to ten, how much do you enjoy that first coffee and caffeine of the morning? If your answer to that question is a resounding eleven, then we can be friends!

On a more serious note though, we are most definitely a nation of coffee lovers – the smell, the taste, even the brewing process – there’s just something about coffee that we can’t get enough of.

Part of the reason for this of course could well be down to the caffeine present in coffee. Something that makes us feel good, more mentally alert and awake is going to make us want more of it right?

Right. Many coffee drinkers have read the old research. The research that painted caffeine to be like the devil. Addictive. Harmful. Not many of us really cared enough to stop having our daily fix, but it did enough to put a question mark over our heads when we were enjoying our coffee.

Was it really that bad? Was it going to throw us into addiction? Was it going to harm us physically or mentally?

Luckily, in more recent times, things have changed significantly in how scientists and medical professionals alike view caffeine. Much more extensive research has been carried out into the effects of coffee on our bodies and brains, and the good news is that, well, it’s good news!

These more recent studies have found that for the most part, the benefits of caffeine actually outweigh the negatives. In fact, for caffeine to have an adverse effect on the average person, you would have to be consuming it in amounts that just aren’t physically possible to ingest through drinking coffee alone.

Of course I don’t expect you to take my word for it, although it’s kind of tempting isn’t it to be able to just believe it’s ok and move on? Well that leads me to the next piece of good news.

This infographic from DrippedCoffee shows you thirteen ways in which caffeine can benefit your health for a quick reference – all of which are from reputable studies carried out by the likes of Harvard University, The American Heart Association and The European Journal of Nutrition.

Just from that alone, we can see that experts across the world are showing us that caffeine is actually a good thing.

You can now enjoy your coffee guilt free, and you’ve even got some ammunition to shoot back when people stuck in the past tell you that your caffeine intake is bad for you!

Caffeine and Coffee

Caffeine and Coffee

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