How To Block Annoying Game Requests From Your Facebook Friends

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Many of us don’t use Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) to play games, and that’s why the most annoying part is the number of notifications we get for game and app requests. If your friends are playing Candy Crush, Mafia Wars or FarmVille, then expect to get many game requests in a day. Fortunately there’s something you can definitely do to prevent game and app requests on Facebook.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) allows users to block users, app invites, event notifications and entire apps. Doing all of this is a piece of cake, and can be done from the same page.

Block game, apps and event notifications on Facebook

To stop irritating requests and notifications, click on the gear icon from the top-right of the page and choose “Settings.”

From the Settings page, click on the “Blocking” tab from the left side. Here’s a direct link to this page.

From this page, you can block app, game and event requests. To block a friend who sends you app invites all the time, locate the “Block app invites” section and then type your friend’s name. This way, you can easily stop getting game and app invites from your friend.

There’s also a “Block apps” section, which you can use to block some specific apps. You simply have to type the name (like Mafia Wars) and you’re good to go. Once an app is chosen, the app can no longer contact you or get any non-public information of you from Facebook.


To reverse this, and unblock apps, simply visit the same page and click on the Unblock link.

Once these steps are taken, you’ll get less game requests and notifications on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), because all the annoying stuff is already blocked.

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