Bitcoin Ranks Number One Among Top Search Terms In USA

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According to a study published today by, Bitcoin has emerged as one of the most searched terms in the US, beating out nearly all popular searches such as daily expenses, interests, and basic necessities.

Bitcoin Becomes The Most Searched Term In The US

Below are the key findings:

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  • Bitcoin has become one of the most searched terms in the United States, surpassing even daily necessities and expenses such as hamburgers, religion, and child support, according to the Bitcoin Popularity Index based on Ahrefs search volume.
  • Nevada is currently the most Bitcoin-crazy state in the United States with a search score of 100 according to Google Trends. Elvis Presley comes in fourth place with 1.3 million searches, while Disney World ranks fifth, and Spiderman sixth.
  • Donald Trump is the second most popular search, while Breaking News comes third. Student loans and car insurance are also among the most searched terms.
Bitcoin Search
Source: Ahrefs

Daniel Larsson, senior editor at said:

"Bitcoin has surpassed highly searched items like religion, child support, health care, and politics which is a clear sign of widespread interest among Americans, especially in Nevada.

The interest in Bitcoin in Nevada might be attributed to the state's gambling reputation, low tax burden, and innovative spirit as Nevada is currently home to many high-tech companies including Tesla’s Gigafactory.

Our data also reveals that Bitcoin is more popular than highly searched items such as guns, exercising, donuts, coca cola, student loans, and car insurance which is very interesting. These are household items in the USA and clearly suggest that Bitcoin is no longer a niche investment option and has gained mainstream appeal.

It is also noteworthy that Donald Trump, the former US President, is the second most popular search term, while Breaking News comes in third. This indicates that public figures and current events still hold a significant influence on search behavior in the United States.

However, even these highly searched terms fall behind the popularity of Bitcoin, suggesting that the digital asset has become a major player in the public consciousness."