The Biggest Brand Bust-Ups Of All Time

The Biggest Brand Bust-Ups Of All Time

Although it’s not uncommon for companies to engage in the occasional Twitter feud, or bad mouth their closest competition within their advertising campaigns, some companies have taken these rivalries to a whole new level entirely with the decision to take their various disputes to court in some of the biggest Brand bust-ups ever.

Over the years we’ve seen many big brands go head to head in the court room, battling it out over a myriad of matters, from the imitation of trademark designs to infringements on product patents – from stealing images to entire software. . Some of these battles have lasted years and some are still ongoing now, costing the companies involved millions of dollars in legal fees and an incredible amount of their valuable time.

Many of these battles have no doubt stemmed from ongoing rivalries between the biggest brands, such as Apple Inc. and Samsung or Gucci and Guess. In fact, Apple has made three separate appearances on this list, which could suggest that they are one of the most argumentative brands of the lot. Over the years, they’ve taken on some of the biggest names in the tech world such as Microsoft Corporation, Samsung Electronics, Oracle, SAP, Universal, 20th Century Fox, Dyson, Hoover, BP Plc, TransOcean Offshore, and Sony Ericson, but they haven’t always managed to come out victorious in these feuds.

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To help us learn more, Lottoland have put together the stories behind some of the biggest brand bust-ups of the last few decades. So if you want to find out more about some of these famous corporate clash of the titans, have a read of the infographic below which highlights some of the biggest battles ranging from back in 1978 to 2015.

Discover the biggest ever brand bust-ups – which is your favorite fight?

Biggest Brand bust-ups

Biggest Brand bust-ups



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