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iPhone 7, Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5 And More: Smartphone List of 2015

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The New Year is drawing ever closer now, and it is a year which promises to be a big one in the smartphone marketplace. Many important and high profile devices are expected to be released in 2015, so here is a rundown of all the hottest smartphones which will be released in the next 12 months.

Sony Xperia Z4

Sony has not exactly experienced overwhelming success with its smartphone division lately, in fact it was cited as the major reason that the company had to concede significant financial losses in 2014. But the Sony Xperia range has steadily improved over its lifecycle, and there are high hopes that the Xperia Z4 will be the best smartphone release from Sony thus far.

Specifications for the device have yet to be outlined by Sony, but an octa-core processor and a Quad HD screen are to be expected.

iPhone 7, Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5 And More: Smartphone List of 2015

Motorola Moto X3

Some publications considered the 2014 release of the Moto X to be the best Android smartphone ever manufactured. This is a pretty significant statement, but one that can certainly be backed up with evidence, so expectations will be incredibly high folder Motorola Moto X3.

It is early days regarding the release of this device, and Motorola has kept pretty quiet with regard to what we can expect from it. But perhaps one neglected element of the previous iteration in the series was the camera, so updated photograph taking capabilities could be a key element of this smartphone.

iPhone 7, Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5 And More: Smartphone List of 2015


LG is really making a name for itself in the smartphone market, delivering some outstanding devices at very affordable prices. The LG G3 was right up there as one of the best smartphones of 2014, and many fans of the device will be eagerly awaiting its sequel in 2015. We can probably expect this somewhere in the middle of the year to sandwich the release between big smartphone devices from Apple and Samsung.

One of the primary aspects of the LG G4 which is anticipated to form a core part of this handset is the inclusion of LG’s new display technologies. For example, the company’s LG G Flex was a concept phone with a curved display, and this could be incorporated into a mainstream LG device during 2015.

iPhone 7, Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5 And More: Smartphone List of 2015


HTC has been commended for the quality of its smartphones without becoming the sort of household name that it perhaps deserves to be. With this in mind, it is not even certain that HTC will retain the One branding with his next generation of smartphones, it is possible that the manufacturer will consider that some rebranding is required to give the company’s devices a kickstart in the marketplace.

Even if HTC One is retained as a brand name, we have no idea how it will be marketed at this point in time. What we can be sure of is that when we do get the final name and the smartphone is released, the usual commitment to quality from HTC will be evident.

Concrete plans on this smartphone are likely to come to fruition in the next couple of months, and with a busy schedule for smartphone releases shaping up for 2015, HTC will have schedule the release of this device with great care. Nonetheless, it should be expected in Q1 or Q2.

iPhone 7, Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5 And More: Smartphone List of 2015

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

For any other company with the exception of Apple, the year that Samsung experienced in 2014 would be a mammoth success. But for the Korean manufacturer it represented something of a retraction from the hopes of the corporation, and it will be planning a big year of success in 2015 to compensate.

Despite lukewarm financial results, the quality of Samsung’s devices in 2014 was pretty good. But the best of them was probably the Galaxy Note 4, and it will be intriguing to see how Samsung intends to better this tablet in 2015.

The Galaxy Note 5 will probably release around August time, and could feature a 4K display. Improved camera functionality and a powerful new processor are also likely features.

iPhone 7, Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5 And More: Smartphone List of 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6

Another Samsung releases during 2015 will be the Galaxy S6. The Galaxy S range has typically been the flagship smartphone for Samsung, but it has perhaps been superseded in quality by the Galaxy Note series in recent years.

Well this trend that needs to change with the Galaxy S6, as Samsung will want to establish a strong foothold in the market before the latter release of the iPhone 7. Additionally, Apple may be creating further buzz earlier in the year with the release of its first smart watch, so Samsung will be an looking for extremely strong release with the Galaxy S6.

This sixth-generation smartphone could be a significant departure from previous iterations in the series, as it is rumored that Samsung is building the device from the ground up. This could mean a radical new design for the device, and it has already been reported that Samsung is shifting to premium materials in the construction of the Galaxy S6.

Samsung has become renowned for the quality of its displays, so an absolutely world-class screen is a certainty in this device, and the Korean giant may also release curved versions of this handset. The Galaxy S6 will probably be revealed at the Mobile world Congress in Barcelona during March of next year.

iPhone 7, Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5 And More: Smartphone List of 2015

Apple iPhone 7

Some publications are still referring to this forthcoming Apple handset as the iPhone 6s, but it seems far more likely that Apple will brand this next iPhone release in such a way as to indicate that it is an entirely new iPhone generation.

As with any Apple release, the rumor mill related to the iPhone 7 is already grinding rapidly, and there are a huge amount of potential new features and design parameters possible in the iPhone 7. Sapphire Glass has been widely rumored to be involved, while there could also be a 4-inch screen version of the iPhone 7.

Vast camera upgrades, significant processor improvements and the first HD model of the smartphone, and possibly a QHD model of the iPhone 7 Plus, are also expected by analysts.

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