The Best Apple Black Friday Deals

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The shopping event of the year is just around the corner, as Black Friday is just days away now. There will be a throng of consumers almost literally battering down the doors of stores across the country, and Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) fans certainly haven’t been neglected with this year’s Black Friday deals. There is no need to be out of pocket acquiring Apple gadgets from the official Apple store; retailers across the United States will be enticing consumers with some real bargains.

Best Apple Black Friday Deals

Apple Black Friday Deals

Tablet deals

Target is particularly specializing in Apple deals this year, and regardless of what type of Apple device you are interested in, there should be a bargain available for your predilection. For example, Target is providing a $100 gift card to consumers who purchase the Apple iPad Air 16GB; with the retail price of the device $399.

Best Buy is attempting to rival Target by offering the same tablet for $319, but it would appear that the Target deal is slightly superior in this case. Elsewhere, Target has also slashed the price of the Apple iPad Mini 2 16GB, offering a $100 gift card and a retail price of $299.

But perhaps the best deal that Target is offering in the Apple tablet range is with regard to the premium iPad Air 2. Target is offering a whopping $140 gift card with this brand-new Apple tablet, while the retail price of the device in Target stores will be $499. This is a pretty massive deal given that this time last year Apple bundled a mere $75 gift card with all iPad Air purchases.

iPhone deals

Target is also offering some excellent deals on Apple’s older iPhone range. The iPhone 5S remains an excellent smartphone, even if the iPhone 6 has superseded the handset. You can purchase the 16GB version of the iPhone 5s for just $79 at Target, and the mobile comes complete with a $30 gift card.

However, if your’e after a deal on the most recent Apple smartphone then Sam’s Club is the place to be. This retailer is selling the Apple iPhone 6 16GB handset for just $99; which is a fantastic deal given that it represents a $200 saving over the retail price when the iPhone 6 was released. The only downside to this offer is that it requires one to be a member of Sam’s Club, so other retailers will be better for some consumers. Both Target and Best Buy tend to offer decent iPhone deals every Black Friday, and the former is already advertizing the iPhone 6 bundled with a $30 Target gift card for $180.

Additionally, deals are also available at other stores on Apple’s TV tuner and its popular music service iTunes. Sam’s Club are offering four $25 gift cards for the hugely successful iTunes for just $79. And the big box stationery store Staples is retailing the Apple TV Media Receiver for $79. In previous years, Apple has dropped the price of its media streamer beneath this level, so it is debatable at this point in time whether this will be the best Black Friday deal available for this product. But it is live now and worth bearing in mind if you’re dying to get your hands on the Apple receiver.

Desktop and laptop deals

The place to be for the best deals on Apple desktops and laptops, though, is Best Buy. This retailer is offering fantastic deals on both the MacBook Air range and the Apple iMac. There are two versions of the Apple MacBook Air Intel Haswell Core i5, one with a 11.6-inch display, and a larger model which features a 13.3-inch screen.

Both of these laptops will be significantly discounted at Best Buy, with the 11.6-inch version available for $780, and the larger model retailing at $1,050 on this Black Friday. The latter is $149 cheaper than the best price in the Apple Store, and is an absolutely outstanding deal on a laptop which has been critically acclaimed.

Additionally, Best Buy will also sell a model in the iMac range for under $1,000. It is incredibly rare to find an Apple desktop at such a price, so anyone who has fancied picking up an iMac for a long time but has found the price tag prohibitive should give it some serious consideration. Just $900 for an Apple iMac 21.5″ Core i5 all-in-one is an absolutely stellar deal, and one that shouldn’t be missed by anyone who is lacking a desktop machine.

We are well accustomed to seeing consumers queue round the block for Apple products, and this particular Black Friday promises to be no exception to this phenomenon. If you’re willing to brave the crowds, then there are undoubtedly some fantastic bargains available.

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