Banking On Change: A Visual Guide To Bank Closures (2001-2023)

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Tastylive, one of the fastest growing online global financial networks, today unveils a comprehensive infographic charting Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) data on bank closures and asset losses, from 2001 – 2023.

The information presented is based on reliable FDIC data and has been analyzed and visualized by tastylive experts.

A Visual Guide To Bank Closures

Banking on change: A visual guide to bank closures 2001 – 2023 demonstrates the ebb and flow of bank strength, mapping the financial fall out across two decades. Aiming to give investors and industry professionals alike, an understanding of the magnitude of asset losses and their implications for the future of banking.

tastylive Head of Macro, Ilya Spivak says:

“This data makes crystal clear that this year’s banking sector woes are the most remarkable since the global financial crisis over a decade ago, yet the environment they speak to is quite different. While the size of the failures suffered so far in 2023 has been shocking, the breadth of contagion has been much more limited, at least for now.

The second-, third-, and fourth-largest failures on record have occurred in recent months. Still, the pain has been localized to just a handful of lenders, marking a stark contrast from the sweeping collapses of the 2008-2014 period.

This calls on investors to be particularly vigilant even as it warns against over-extrapolating parallels with the past. It is neither the number nor the size of bank failures each year that is most important, but the economic conditions that they speak to.”

As conversations continue to ricochet around the trustworthiness of the financial industry sector, a crucial cornerstone of our economy.

Guide To Bank Closures

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