How to Automatically Generate QR Codes in Google Docs

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Google Docs (also known as Google Drive) is a superb online Office suite that comes with most of the features that one would expect from a full-fledged Office suite. Even if there are some limitations, those limitations are removed by users. For example, a high school student named Jordi Orlando has integrated the ability to automatically generate QR codes in the Spreadsheets app of Google Docs.

Google docs

Google Docs’ QR codes

Basically you just need to know the right function to make things work, and it seems that Jordi knows what he’s doing. Watch the video below to learn how this works.

As you can see in the video, the four columns are combined into the output column which is the column for the QR code.

He explains:

Earlier today I needed to input a list of around 30 contacts from a Google spreadsheet into my phone. I did about 4 and then realized I really didn’t want to spend the next hour typing names and numbers. After a bit more wikipedia-ing and some research on html/url formatting, I rewrote the spreadsheet equation. When I entered it into a sample contact list, it worked. Ultimately, this saves a load of time for anyone who needs to put a lot of contacts into their phone.

QR code reader usage

This basically helps people to type information into a spreadsheet, and then quickly get the same information on a mobile device using a QR code reader/generator app.


If this interests you, then head over to his blog and use the code given there. Alternatively, you can also try out a template named QR Code Auto Generator. Just click on “Use this template” and change the columns to suit your needs.

With this method, you can easily generate a QR code, and that too without any manual work. Go ahead, and try it out.

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