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Robots Could Steal These Very Common Jobs Within Next 20 Years

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The world has been changing in many significant ways over recent years, and numerous advances in technology are at the forefront of these changes. From artificial intelligence software to automated robots, technology has been rapidly evolving and each development has contributed to changing the ways in which we live and exist in this world.

It is now widely accepted that humans and robots will need to co-exist, with artificial intelligence becoming more and more common in our daily lives, and real progress being made on developing ‘service robots’ which could potentially live amongst us and interact with us in the same way we do one another. Whilst some people might worry about whether we should place so much faith in these automated robots, what they perhaps should be worrying about instead, is whether they will still have a job following this technological revolution.

It is highly likely that with these rapid developments in AI technology, many jobs roles which have been commonplace in society up until now, may not be necessary in the future. We’ve already seen a rise in self-checkout machines put a dent in the number of human cashiers needed, and we know that the days of the humble milkman delivering supplies straight to our door are almost behind us, so what might be next to go? Unfortunately, if you’re planning a career as a taxi driver, the future might be looking quite bleak… With the progression of self-driving cars well underway, it’s highly likely that soon there will be no need at all for humans to be involved with taxi driving. The same can also be said for the dispatch services working alongside these drivers, due to mobile apps such as Uber and Lyft now allowing us the opportunity to book directly with a simple click of a button.

Lottoland have put together this infographic which outlines the ten most likely jobs that will no longer exist in twenty years. So, if you’re interested in how the future of technology may affect your future at work, look no further than the useful infographic below.

automated robots Artificial intelligence

automated robots Artificial intelligence

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