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“Bit bugs” are the new gold bugs

On Sunday evening, I had the privilege of attending a small dinner with a handful of financial market gurus, plenty of whom had more experience in financial markets than I have years on the planet. And for the most part, […]

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Three Reasons Not To Not Buy Bitcon

A couple of weeks ago, after a long day fly fishing on the Yellowstone river in Montana, a group of us were talking about the day’s fish count (specifically the lack thereof) when the discussion turned to cryptocurrencies.   Peter […]

Emerging Markets In 2050

Emerging Markets In 2050

Not long from now, the entire notion of “emerging markets” will go the way of telephone land lines and gasoline-powered cars. Soon, so-called “emerging” markets will be bigger than those that have (supposedly) been granted “developed” status. I’ve written before […]