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(Credit: Georgia Tech.)

Watch: Robot Composer Performs Its Own Work

A four-armed, marimba-playing robot can now write and play its own compositions with aid from artificial intelligence and deep learning. Researchers fed the robot nearly 5,000 complete songs—from Beethoven to the Beatles to Lady Gaga to Miles Davis—and more than […]

AlexandruPetre / Pixabay

New Homo Sapiens Fossils Are The Oldest Yet

Researchers have uncovered 300,000-year-old fossil bones of Homo sapiens-the oldest reliably dated fossil evidence of our species. The unearthing, reported in two papers in the journal Nature (one, two), significantly pushes back the origins of our species: the find is […]

The internal components of a battery-less pacemaker introduced this week by Rice University and the Texas Heart Institute. The pacemaker can be inserted into the heart and powered by a battery pack outside the body, eliminating the need for wire leads and surgeries to occasionally replace the battery. (Credit: Rice Integrated Systems and Circuits)

New Pacemaker Doesn’t Need Wires Or A Battery

Researchers have created a wireless pacemaker that requires no battery and can be directly implanted into a patient’s heart. The pacemaker harvests energy wirelessly from radio frequency radiation transmitted by an external battery pack. In the prototype, the wireless power […]

First Snapshot Of Diabetes Receptor May Mean New Drugs

First Snapshot Of Diabetes Receptor May Mean New Drugs

Researchers have captured the first cryo-electron microscopy images of a key cellular receptor for diabetes in action. The findings, published in Nature, reveal new information about workings of G protein-coupled receptors—which are intermediaries for molecular messages related to nearly every […]

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Airline Mergers Don’t Make Our Flights Run Late

Airline mergers often take the blame for flight delays, late arrivals, and missed connections. A new analysis of 15 years of US Department of Transportation statistics, however, shows that airline consolidation has had little negative impact on on-time performance. In fact, […]

Secret Flaws Keep 3D-Printing Safe From Hackers

Secret Flaws Keep 3D-Printing Safe From Hackers

Researchers have discovered ways for manufacturers using 3D-printing to embed hidden flaws in files to thwart intellectual property theft. But since the global supply chain for 3D-printing, also called additive manufacturing (AM), requires companies to share computer aided design (CAD) files […]