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Unified BHP would add $22 bn in value: key shareholder

Unified BHP would add $22 bn in value: key shareholder

Mining giant BHP would reap US$22 billion in value for shareholders if it restructures into one Australian entity and scraps its dual-listing, a key US hedge fund and activist investor has said. New York-based Elliott Advisors, a significant shareholder in the world’s biggest miner, has been pushing hard for the Anglo-Australian firm to dissolve its costly…

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US oil legend, billionaire T. Boone Pickens enters a new phase

T. Boone Pickens has long cast an outsized shadow in American business, but the 89-year-old oil industry stalwart recently faced a reckoning of sorts, as health challenges forced him to rethink his activities. He said good-bye this week to the corporate rough-and-tumble, but “with fingers crossed, I have no intention of fading away.” Pickens, a veteran…

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Coronavirus stimulus check for artists

NY authorities, seeking stolen art, search Michael Steinhardt’s flat

NY authorities, seeking stolen art, search billionaire’s flat

Authorities seeking illegally acquired antique artworks have searched the apartment and office of a prominent New York billionaire and philanthropist, prosecutors said. As many as nine pieces were reportedly seized. The target of the inquiry, 77-year-old Michael Steinhardt, made his fortune as a hedge-fund manager. A spokesman for Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. would neither…

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George Soros transfers $18 Billion to Open Society Foundations for ‘long term’ support

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Billionaire investor George Soros has infused his nonprofit apparatus with $18 billion. The Open Society Foundations will live on long after its founder, thanks to a move by Soros Fund Management LLC, which likely makes it the second-largest philanthropic group behind the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Wall Street Journal confirmed the transfer with foundation…

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Ex-Microsoft chief ‘offers $1.8 bn for Clippers’

Ex-Microsoft chief ‘offers $1.8 bn for Clippers’ (via AFP)

Former Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer has offered $1.8 billion for the Los Angeles Clippers, Forbes magazine reported Thursday, with owner Donald Sterling facing moves by the NBA to strip him of the club. Citing “a person familiar with Ballmer…

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UK Independence Party, Euroskeptics Sweep [LIVE RESULTS]

European election results are coming out and it appears that the anti Euro parties have had a huge win. In particular, the UK Independence Party (UKIP) led by Nigel Farage is having a big day, with early results putting him ahead of both the Labor and Conservative parties.

Although sentiment can shift very quickly in politics, the results right now represent a big shift in power, sentiment and momentum for ‘far right’ parties who oppose the EU, Euro etc. Although UK Independence Party (UKIP) seems to be the biggest winner, they are far from the only victor among the skeptics. Marie Le Pen’s Front National had a big victory in France with 30% of the adults under 35 voting for the party. In total, the party has captured 25% of the vote, which is the best ever for the party, and exceeded expectations.

Below is further live coverage of the election results from the AFP, as well as a separate article about the latest results from the UK, where all eyes are on the UK Independence Party (UKIP).

What happens next is an open question for the pundits to discuss.

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the UK Independence Party (UKIP)

European election results: Live Report (via AFP)

21:33 GMT – Verhofstadt trail – “Liberal leader Guy Verhofstadt creates a commotion in the European Parliament’s Hemicycle debating chamber”, writes reporter James Panichi in Brussels for AFP. “He is the only leader to speak from the podium so far.…


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Alibaba founder eyes US listing – and next challenge

Alibaba founder eyes US listing – and next challenge (via AFP)

The outspoken founder of Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba, Jack Ma, threw down a challenge to the world’s global Internet giants as his firm moves towards a huge US stock offer. In a memo sent to employees on Tuesday minutes before Alibaba filed documents…

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Alstom board approves GE bid: source

Alstom board approves GE bid: source (via AFP)

The Alstom board voted to approve a bid for its energy arm by US group General Electric over a rival offer from German engineering giant Siemens, an informed source told AFP. “Alstom has approved GE’s offer,” said the source after the board met following…

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GM chief Barra pledges action on dangerous ignitions AFP

GM chief Barra pledges action on dangerous ignitions (via AFP)

GM Chief Executive Mary Barra said Monday she still does not know why its took years for the automaker to recall cars with dangerously faulty ignitions, but pledged to find out. In testimony prepared for a Congressional hearing Tuesday into the ignition…

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Crimea referendum: live report

Crimea votes today on whether to join Russia or stay a part of The Ukraine. Below is a brief background on the Crimea referendum followed by live updates via AFP.

Maria Repko of Foyil Securities on the Crimea referendum Foyil Securities

The referendum in Ukraine’s Crimea on joining the Russian Federation on as a subject of federa on is to be held on March 16. At the same me, the situa on in the Eastern Ukraine also remains tense, with street fights in Donetsk and Luhansk regions, reportedly between pro?Russian activists, some of whom came from across the border, and Ukrainian activists, advocating an integrated and indivisible Ukraine.

Our view: The situation is tense, and there is a possibility that it changes drama cally and unpredictably during the weekend. If nothing changes, Russia is going to vote for Crimea annexa on and accepting it as a federative subject of the Russian Federation on March 21. 

In somewhat related news on the Crimea Referendum

Dmytro Firtash arrested in Vienna


Ukrainian oligarch Dmytro Firtash has been arrested in Vienna, Austria in the course of legal assistance for the FBI, as reported by foreign media. The next anticipated step is likely to be his extradi on to the U.S. Our view: Dmytro Firtash through his

Group DF owns numerous assets in Ukraine’s oil & gas, chemical, banking, media and other industries, including RosUkrEnergo, the famous intermediary between Russian Gazprom and Ukrainian consumers, Concern S rol, Crimean Titan, Bank Nadra, gas distribu on companies and many others. His major rival in the oil & gas sector was Serhiy Kurchenko, a young oligarch with close es to ex?President Yanukovych’s family. Currently, we can expect re?distribu on of the gas market, with state?run company Na ohaz as a likely winner. DF Group’s chemical companies may su?er losses if they are cut o? cheaper?than?market natural gas supply sources.


Crimea referendum: live report (via AFP)

15:39 GMT – Ukrainian passport – In Bakhchysaray, the main centre of Crimea’s native Muslim Tatar community, Russian-speakers are the only people turning up at the polls, as Tatars have decided to boycott the referendum, AFP’s Michel Moutot reports.…

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Three ex-Barclays staff charged in Libor scandal

Three ex-Barclays staff charged in Libor scandal (via AFP)

Britain’s Serious Fraud Office on Monday charged three former employees of Barclays over the Libor interest rate-rigging scandal, dealing a fresh blow to the embattled banking giant. The scandal over Libor, an interest rate at the heart of the global…

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US cable operators Comcast, Time Warner Cable in $45 bn merger

US cable operators Comcast, Time Warner Cable in $45 bn merger (via AFP)

Cable operator Comcast on Thursday announced it plans to buy Time Warner Cable for about $45.2 billion in an all-stock deal that would combine the top two US cable TV companies. The joint announcement of the friendly merger marks Comcast’s triumph over…

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China top buyer as world art sales hit new record

China top buyer as world art sales hit new record (via AFP)

Global art sales hit a new record high of $12.05 billion (8.8 billion euros) in 2013 with China keeping its spot as the top buyer, a leading art market data firm said Wednesday. France-based Artprice said sales of artworks around the globe — which…

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Super Bowl 48 Live Report -AFP UPDATES

Super Bowl 48 Live Report (via AFP)
2339 GMT: Boom! Terrance Knighton goes in hard for Denver. The defensive lineman goes by the nickname “Pot Roast”. You can see why. All 335 pounds of him. 2336 GMT: Big play for Seattle and they are 1st & 10 close to Denver’s 35-yard line. False start…

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Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank announces 1.2bn euro pre-tax loss in 4Q of 2013

Deutsche Bank announces 1.2bn euro pre-tax loss in 4Q of 2013 (via AFP)

Deutsche Bank, Germany’s biggest bank, announced late Sunday a pre-tax loss of 1.2 billion euros ($1.62 billion) in the fourth quarter of 2013 because of litigation costs and weakening revenues. In a statement issued more than a week earlier than markets…

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