Your Next Lawyer Could Be A Robot – Attorney Intelligence On The Rise

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Attorney Intelligence to replace your lawyer? Not yet, but changes are coming.

The legal profession has traditionally been slow to embrace technology. There are various reasons for this – anything from the mindset of not being willing to be “replaced” by technology, a common trope among stories that deal with societies that are deeply integrated with technological advancements, to issues with integrating technology in the firm, such as financial concerns due to the size of the firm or geographical constraints.

In recent years, however, it has now at least partly embracing the opportunities associated with algorithm-driven computer technology. An example of this is Artificial Intelligence, which has slowly been integrated in many system, such as Google’s search algorithm.

This type of technology is usually found with those that deal with complex systems which are expected to deliver services quickly, accurately, and efficiently. The legal profession falls in this description, which begs the question of it there is a place for AI in an industry that is timid in nature when it comes to technology.

Two main schools of thought are at a debate on this. On one side, there are those who believe that AI spells the end of the legal profession, while those on the other end of the spectrum believe that AI provides the profession with the opportunities of change and development which is should embrace.

Those who believe in its potential as an accompanying system suggest that AI actually stands for “Attorney Intelligence” – a concept that asserts the idea that AI tools still require the input from legal experts in order to effectively function.

In that sense, lawyers are still integral to the industry and will still continue to play a key role in the development of AI tools alongside the delivery of legal services via traditional legal platforms. The AI system still cannot replace legal expertise offered by the professionals, as they still need to be instructed before working, especially in an ever-changing landscape such as the legal profession.

Learn more about how AI can contribute to the legal industry through this infographic by Law in Order.

Attorney Intelligence

Attorney Intelligence


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