Most Astonishing Buildings [Infographic]

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Our build environment plays a vital role in how our society develops and has an effect on the daily pleasure and well being of the same. As time has changed, from our modes of transit to the trend of denser living, so too has our approach to architectural world. So if you are also drooling over the wonders of architectural eye candies, then here is one of the info graph you cannot afford to miss. It is an info graph that explores and highlights the evolution of real estate wonders like:

  • “Tower Infinity” – It literally disappear in the skyline, which makes it to be the first tower with such specialty.
  • “Wooden Skyscrapers” – The construction material is the unique factor of this skyscraper. The material used to build it is wood and no other construction material is used to construct it.
  • “Ren Building” – This architectural eye candy is the combination of two edifices, one emerging from land and other one emerging from water.
  • The Dragonfly” – The structure’s height is supposed to be of 600 meters.
  • “Dynamic Wind-Powered Rotating Tower” – It will consist of 80 floors which will be able to rotate at 360 degrees on voice commands.
  • “My Dream Our Vision” – The project will be constructed with the help of 3866 modular cubes.

Keep reading to know more about the architectural wonders that will be taking place nearly in coming future.

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