Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Lead Charts: 2020 Tech Trends

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Innovations are driving technology trends. As with every changing year in the calendar new concepts are introduced that helps in providing an enhanced experience to users, market trends are also evolving to implement these changes to serve their customers with better technological support. Therefore, to lead the entire market with cutting-edge technology, it becomes important to know the current and forthcoming trends such as artificial intelligence and machine learning that are capable of taking the entire market by storm.

Technology Trends for 2020 from Artificial Intelligence to Machine Learning: An Overview of the Brighter Future

The ever-changing terms of technology are driving the future of businesses. As with the introduction of the internet and smartphones has taken over the entire marketplace and replaced traditional concepts with mobile applications, similarly, upcoming trends will change the market conditions and will open gates for brighter and new opportunities for the next ten to twelve years.

As Gartner lists, the following are the sizzling trends of 2020 that will change the face of every industry and introduce more benefits for customers.

1. Democratization

Democratizing technology works in favor of businesses. It aims to provide access to technology to people without needing any training around it. Hence, implementing the concepts of artificial intelligence, developers can program code, use automated testing and more. The enhanced concepts of technology let the users not belonging to the technical field use it without causing any problems.

It will encourage the development of sophisticated technology products that provide enhanced user experience and facilitate easier operating. Fulfilling the industry demands and delivering user-friendly products will be given the highest priority to encourage the use of modern technical solutions. And for the implementation of democratization, it will become necessary to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate most of the tasks.

2. Offering Multiexperience

While user-friendly products will become the limelight in the upcoming year, the enhanced user experience will be the ultimate goal to achieve for every business. Hence, to ensure users are provided with the best services, multi-experience will be one of the promising ways to ensure it.

Multi-experience can be implemented using wearables and other gears connected with the computer/smartphones (primary device) in use to provide extended support and add more functions to the existing device. It will surely provide extended user experience and enable a user to perform more tasks that too easily without having to struggle for more.

3. Automation Sophistication (Hyperautomation) using artificial intelligence and machine learning

Hyperautomation is also known as the sophistication of automation and will be the hottest trend of all as it not only focuses on automating human tasks, it also focuses on improving artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts. Augmenting humans and automating most of the tasks, Hyperautomation focuses on enhancing the usability of AI and ML with the best concepts put forward to complete all tasks.

It basically collects and makes a set of tools that togetherly can complete a task that any normal humans can do. It includes tools belonging to Intelligent business management (iBPMS), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and more artificial intelligence-enabled concepts. Hyperautomation is gaining the interest of data scientists and developers as the software and tools enabled with this technology can also support their cause and needs.

4. Edge Computing

Making the best use of the Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing helps in delivering the content and perform operations to reduce latency. The receivers are placed closer to the source of information and the traffic during transmission is kept local to increase the speed and efficiency. As the edge computing drives many of the AI applications and other technology trends, the growth in them is assured with the enhanced use of edge computing.

The ultimate aim to achieve here will be moving the devices and people closer than ever to provide enhanced information exchange and required services to all. The shift in the implementation of edge computing will drive increased use of AR/VR headsets, IoT devices, streaming devices and more.

5. Security and Transparency

With the increasing use of technical solutions in everyday life, collecting user data has become easier but it also raises questions on the security of collected data and the transparent process. The security of the confidential information of users highly depends upon the tools and security measures put in effect. 

Enforcing restrictions on user data usage and controlling the possible chances of data theft and illegal data use, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is created to limit the rights of organizations. Moreover, the introduction of AI governance takes over the decision power and decides whether a particular resource is safe or not and then proceed accordingly. 

6. Automation

The introduction of drones, robots, and other AI-enabled appliances has influenced further research in the same direction and the results will be provided with the use of working artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts. Starting from self-driven cars to robots performing most of the human tasks, automation will surely progress in the upcoming years.

As the increased use of mobile applications is driving the online marketplaces, automation in the development tasks will also be observed. For example, a firm developing the uber clone app can handle the development task and later using automation testing, it can check for errors and it will ultimately increase the efficiency of the developed solution.

7. Blockchain

Blockchain begs its place in the upcoming trends as it helps in not only securing the data and financial transaction details, but the practical use of it expands and opens new gates for ensuring more efficiency. Additionally, Blockchain is a digital ledger that divides the data into multiple blocks and distributes them in the network which is protected by cryptographic functions. 

The worldwide spending on Blockchain solutions has reached 2.7 billion U.S. dollars and is estimated to hike to 15.9 billion U.S. dollars by 2023. As Blockchain helps trace the origin of each chain easily, the transparency of every system implementing Blockchain will increase and it will certainly help figure out the points where certain characteristics lack.

8. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is facilitating easier products and services accessible through the cloud. A concept called distributed cloud will become one of the trends in the upcoming year 2020. It allows accessing public cloud services outside of the distributors’ data centers and provides faster and easier access. Using a distributed cloud instead of a centralized cloud offers its own benefits that help users complete their requirements from cloud sources that are easily accessible. 

The provider can choose appropriate architecture, set deliveries and control all the cloud operations from their central place. While the overall data gets distributed over the private and local clouds, the cloud service provider has complete control over the data. 

9. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality with artificial intelligence and machine learning

The implemented concepts of AI and ML have helped unlock the best of all technology. The increase in popularity of augmented reality and virtual reality have secured their place in the upcoming technology trends. The revenue of the AR and VR market is forecasted to reach around 160 billion dollars by 2023

As the use of AR and VR is possible in most of the sectors, the continuous development of newer solutions and release of better gadgets in the market will dominate the technological trends. As there are major investments in this market by leading tech giants, many startups are also jumping in to provide a better product and increase the popularity of AR and VR to increase the use of it in the routine lives of users. The concept has become present as never before and the involvement of tech giants will surely bring out the best of this technology.

Summing Up: Artificial intelligence and machine learning, AR, VR and more

Technology has changed and reinvented the way of living life. The support from many promising trends and useful inventions will increase the living standards and lead to an era where the development will be driven majorly by artificial intelligence and machine learning while the best efforts will sell in the market like hotcakes.

Keeping up with these changing trends and demands of customers can lead a business to operate efficiently than ever and also enhancing the user experience. The indulgent of more scientists and researchers into finding out new applications and making the lives of users easier than ever will benefit businesses and customers both and serve the purposes with enhanced technical support.

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