The Aqua Dam Sounded Nuts, Until…

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The Aqua Dam Sounded Nuts, Until…

The Aqua Dam sounds truly nuts. A giant inner-tube around your house to protect you from floods? And it costs more than $8,000? That’s some serious prepper stuff, and surely crazy. Well, this one work magnificently during the Louisiana and Texas floods. Private enterprise comes through again!

This is exactly the kind of thing that can only emerge in a free society where people can experiment and try out all kinds of different ways of solving problems. It’s something that clearly a lot of people would think is ridiculous or too expensive, not practical, etc., yet it’s the very thing that saved Robert Wagner house.

Aqua Dam

If we were all forced to leave it up to a one-size-fits-all state enforced solution to flooding, you know what would have happened: Roger Wagner would have been forcibly evacuated from his home and would have had to watch as it got destroyed.

But in a world where entrepreneurs can offer a variety of different products, and where buyers are free to take a chance on things they may not know for sure are going to work out, a family home survived a flood.

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