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Apple’s AR Headset Could Be Launched In 2019

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Quanta, one of the assembly partners for Apple, have hinted that Apple’s augmented reality (AR) headset could be on the market “no later than 2019”. That’s a whole year sooner than the 2020 date which had previously been rumored for Apple’s AR headset.

Gene Munster, a former analyst, has spoken about this device before, and claims that it will be bigger than the iPhone. That is very impressive. C.C. Leung, the vice chairman at Quanta, described the device as a headset which is equipped with a transparent lens, allowing the user to see through and interact with the environment.

This isn’t the first AR headset, you probably remember Google Glass. While Google Glass has had some success, especially in Enterprise industries, it hasn’t taken off as well among technology consumers. That’s where Apple will likely get most of their sales.

It has been reported that the Apple AR headset will make use of head gestures, a touch panel, and voice commands given to Siri. The device is currently being called by its codename – “T288” – and will reportedly use a new operating system called the reality Operating System or rOS for short.

The possibilities for a device like this, from a company like Apple, are endless. Especially when you consider the fact that a prominent analyst claimed that this type of device from Apple will be bigger than the iPhone.

What Features Can We Expect From Apple’s AR Headset?

Some of the basic functions we can envision Apple’s HR headset include things such as being able to use GPS, Maps, and Street View to easily navigate, handsfree. Possibly even advanced directions, marked on the street in front of you as you walk or drive. Imagine asking Siri “Siri, where’s the closest McDonalds?” and instantly seeing the path and directions light up right in front of your eyes.

Apple likes interconnectivity between their devices, so the headset will probably be no different, showing new notifications on the lens from your other devices, such as your iPhone, MacBook Pro, or Apple Watch.

How Much Will Apple’s AR Headset Cost?

It’s hard to put a figure on the price. Google Glass was deemed too expensive by most people, and has found it’s biggest success in Enterprise industries. Microsoft’s Hololens headset is currently priced at $3,000, and while it has had some success, it’s not something you see every day.

Leung said that if an AR device could be priced at less than $1,000, then it would more than likely be popular in the market. However, Apple have never been one to lower their prices to drum up sales. But, time will tell.

Hopefully, over the coming months, we’ll start to learn more about Apple’s AR Headset. It’s certainly a topic of interest among the tech industry, and whenever there’s new information, you’ll be able to find it right here.

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